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Aerospace Part Machining Solutions

3-4-5-6 axis. Single or multi-spindle. Solutions for aerospace parts manufacturing.

In aerospace machining, the machine tools need to deliver parts with high precision, accuracy, and speed. The raw material often requires more of the machine tool and sets the level of the solution needed. Each component of an airplane must have the correct dimensions and at the same time contribute to reducing the aircraft’s weight and meet the latest standards for durability and safety.

MODIG Machine Tool has developed solutions to address the growing demand for improved machining solutions for aerospace parts. These solutions provide our customers with tremendous competitive advantages to produce high-quality parts with high accuracy, reduced cycle times, and optimum cost per part. Our long-standing experience in providing competitive machining solutions for aerospace machining, together with our innovative capabilities and desire to improve our solutions continually, are all reasons this is possible. Learn how MODIG machining solutions provide you with both time and resource savings when machining aerospace parts.


Precision, accuracy, and speed: The keys for success in aerospace machining.

Compared to other industries, the requirements for aerospace are incredibly high. MODIG has experience and knowledge from delivering machining solutions to the aerospace industry for more than 40 years. We are used to working closely with large OEMs, tier-1, and tier-2 suppliers to provide the latest technology to manufacturing high-precision parts efficiently. An aircraft consists of an infinite number of parts that differ in terms of material, dimensions, shape, and complexity. What all these parts have in common is that they need to meet the high standard for precision and accuracy within the aerospace industry and also to be produced effectively and in time for delivery. Our machining solutions with full automation options do not only meet the aerospace industry’s high demand for precision and quality but also serve as time-saving technology. It has been proven many times that by using MODIG Technology you will make actual time savings.

  • Wing Rib – Time savings 50%
  • Wing stringer – Time savings 64 %
  • Wing spar – Time savings 75%
  • Link – Time savings 50%
  • Seat track – Time savings 50-70%


MODIG's advantages for aerospace machining

For more than 40 years, MODIG has delivered leading high-speed machining technology for aerospace. Our long experience in the industry and our extensive knowledge have been transformed into our solutions, giving a competitive advantage through increased productivity, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and unrelenting precision.

Speed: It has been proven many times that the MODIG machining solutions reduce cycle times significantly compared to conventional machines. Our case studies reveal a time saving of up to 75% for specific aircraft parts.

Turnkey solutions: We deliver turnkey solutions where costs per part are key without compromising accuracy and quality.

Accuracy: We provide solutions to meet the requirements of tight tolerances and precision within the industry.



MODIG Machine Tool is known worldwide as one of the leading companies in high-performance machining technology. MODIG designs, engineers, and manufactures premium machine tools for high-speed machining in leading industries like aerospace and automotive. Our high-performance machines and advanced processes assure manufacturing excellence and operational excellence through improved productivity, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and unrelenting perfection.


Lightweight material

In aerospace machining, lightweight resistant material is used. Lightweight material reduces the weight of the aircraft, improves the fuel economy and maintains safety. Both aluminum and titanium are used for those parts. The deciding factor for choosing titanium over other materials in airplanes is its excellent ratio of weight/hardness, corrosion resistance to corrosion, and relative resistance to high temperature.  Aluminum is lighter than titanium but about half as tough. Highly machineable aluminum is more cost-effective than titanium and can be used to make a variety of aircraft parts. MODIG provides solutions for accurate and efficient machining in aluminum and titanium without any difficulties and gives several advantages in the aerospace industry.


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