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Aerospace Part Machining Solutions

3-4-5-6 axis. Single or multi-spindle. Machining solutions for aerospace parts manufacturing.

In aerospace machining, the machine tools need to deliver parts with high precision, accuracy, and speed. The raw material often requires more of the machine tool and sets the level of the solution needed. Each component of an airplane must have the correct dimensions and at the same time contribute to reducing the aircraft’s weight and meet the latest standards for durability and safety.

MODIG Machine Tool has developed solutions to address the growing demand for improved machining solutions for aerospace parts. These solutions provide our customers with tremendous competitive advantages to produce high-quality parts with high accuracy, reduced cycle times, and optimum cost per part. Our long-standing experience in providing competitive machining solutions for aerospace machining, together with our innovative capabilities and desire to improve our solutions continually, are all reasons this is possible.


Precision, accuracy, and speed: The keys for success in aerospace machining.

MODIG has experience and knowledge from delivering machining solutions to the aerospace industry for more than 40 years. We are used to working closely with large OEMs, tier-1, and tier-2 suppliers to provide the latest technology to manufacturing high-precision parts efficiently. An aircraft consists of an infinite number of parts that differ in terms of material, dimensions, shape, and complexity. What all these parts have in common is that they need to meet the high standard for precision and accuracy within the aerospace industry and also to be produced effectively and in time for delivery. Our machining solutions with full automation options do not only meet the aerospace industry’s high demand for precision and quality but also serve as time-saving technology. See our solutions in action. It has been proven many times that by using MODIG Technology you will make actual time savings.

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Success stories

We proudly showcase success stories of how our machining solutions have helped our aerospace customers succeed.

RigiMill Moving Table [MT] - inside the tunnel - Vertical Machining Center

Asco Industries: “The machine has proven to meet the required precision and is a good solution for the required capabilities, and we recently achieved 100% uptime with an average of 98%…”

Success Story: MODIG and Asco


The world’s largest RIGIMILL facility, located in Olathe, Kansas, established by MODIG's long-term partner Orizon Aerostructures

Orizon Aerostructures: We are proud to share the world’s largest RigiMill facility, located in Olathe, Kansas, established by our long-term partner Orizon Aerostructures.

Success Story: MODIG and Orizon

Complete production cells

Discover how reliable automation solutions from MODIG enhance your machining center and increase flexibility, quality, and productivity. Manufacturing solutions and automation systems – All From One Source

Machine tool automation

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