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High Quality Services
Modig delivers high quality services. In our facilities we provide customers the latest in programming methodology, operator training, machine maintenance and repair. Our facilities are equipped to perform run time validations and test machining. We have our own installation team and service team for maintenance.

Quality Testing
Our machines are built in Sweden on dedicated assembly lines. Each assembly zone is accompanied by rigorous quality controls to ensure a quality product. Each machine goes through extensive testing of all functions before delivery to the customer.


  • Programmer Training
  • Operator Training
  • Machine Maintenance Training
  • Machining Strategy

Modig offers training to provide you with the knowledge and skills to maintain the efficiency and productivity of your Modig-machine. Preventive maintenance maximizes your machine’s performance and prolong the life cycle.

The training can be performed at your facility or in one of the Modig facilities in Sweden or in the US. The training is tailored for your specific process and need.

Service and Support

Annual Preventative Maintenance and Machine Inspections
Our trained technicians can come to your facility on an annual basis to inspect and provide recommendations for your machine, and if needed make neccessary repairs.

Machine Upgrades and Retrofits
Improved design upgrades are available to improve your machine’s uptime and performances.

Service Contracts
We provide different levels of Service Contracts for our machines. Contact us for more information.

Technical Support

Qualified Modig personnel are available to support and provide technical guidance when needed. Our partners offer support 24/7.

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Spare Parts

To minimize your machine downtime, we keep spare parts in various locations (Modig Sweden, Modig US and local distributors) prepared to ship, at all times.

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Machine Refurbishments

  • Complete machine overhaul
  • Control system update
  • Machine upgrades
  • Electrical cabinets updates

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