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Machine tool automation - MODIG solutions

Robotic machine loading. Overhead loading system. Bar feeder. Pallet system.  Machine tool automation will boost your machining center and contribute to greater flexibility, higher quality, and increased productivity in production. By optimizing your MODIG machining center with our automation options, you will achieve both efficiency and profitability as machines automation customized for you will significantly reduce machine cycle times per part produced. Discover how simple, reliable automation from MODIG can take your productivity to the next level. It is simpler and more affordable than you think. With our expertise, we have taken machine automation to the next level. We offer the latest technology for part loading/unloading, bar feeding, pallet changing, robotics, and much more to our machining centers.



Complete production cells for workpiece handling

MODIG Automation Systems offer automation for machining centers. In addition to individual stand-alone automation, we can provide complete production cells for workpiece handling – from one source.


Automatic pallet system

Loading and transferring materials and parts play an essential role in ensuring process efficiency and production quality. Regardless of the machining being completed in one machine or several, materials and finished parts need to be transferred in the production. MODIG’s pallet systems will take your machine automation to new heights, giving you an impressive minimal footprint in a fully automatic palletized cell. The pallet system, including a pallet mover and a pallet lifter, makes the transfers and setups between the process phase precise and fast. It knows exactly how the workpiece or pallet is placed when the previous procedure finishes and manages the workpiece or pallet precisely the same way, every time! The number of pallets is customized to your needs and production.

The World’s largest pallet system

MODIG can boast having the world’s largest pallet system that includes three pallets. A pallet system up to 950″ (24 m) long provides greater efficiency, cost reduction, productivity, and improved cash flow by reducing inventory costs.

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Our pallet system is available for our machining center: RigiMill MT, RigiMill MG and IM machine series.


Automatic Infeeder System

An automatic infeeder system improve productivity, throughput, and quality. It is suitable for extrusions, bars, and, plates and is available for our machining center within the HHV-family: HHV2, HHV3 and HHV DUO.

One operator running up to five machines

Our automatic infeeder system is the secret behind a single operator simultaneously running four to five MODIG machines. An HHV machining center equipped with an infeeder, automatically loading extrusions, bars, or plates to the machine, could continue to make parts until the bar feeder is empty. The operator only needs to ensure that all machines are running correctly and loading the feeder with material when required. The infeeder can handle up to 20 extrusions, bars or plates. Learn more here.


Loading System

Robotic loading and unloading

By adding robots to your machines, you will improve both your production speed, capacity, and in the long run, your profitability. The robots will automatically be loading materials quickly and safely to your machining center to improve system uptime and increase quality by eliminating human errors. It will also efficiently streamline your production with higher throughput and more profit as a result. In high-volume production, such as the automotive industry, it is essential to have finished parts marked and checked. MODIG offers a robotic solution to fulfill this need. A robot taking out the machined component and performing all steps with marking and checking makes the process reproducible. In the best case, manual intervention from the process can even be completely eliminated. We offer robotic loading/unloading solutions for our HHV2, HHV3, HHV DUO, IM-8, and IM-8T.

Overhead loading system

Adding an overhead loading system for our inverted machining centers reduces the floor space needed for loading. A significant advantage because space is at a premium in most production facilities. An overhead loading system will have a great impact on your production and is preferable to be used when the machines are standing side-by-side. Loading overhead makes the transfers and loading between different machines and phases fast, easy, and efficient. We offer overhead loading systems for our inverted machines, IM-8, and IM-8T.

Robotic tool loading

A good working tool arena makes the machining process more efficient. The robot handles the process of switching tools and alarms for broken and worn tools. The automatic tool loading robot is equipped with a Balluff chip system that monitors and identifies the cutting tool to secure the tool management. Eliminating manual tool movements shortens the machining time, removes human errors, and improves the working ergonomics of the operators. During the machining, you could also easily pick up a tool in the arena, press the button, and the robot brings the tool out. All our Inverted machining centers, Horizontal machining centers and Vertical machining centers can be equipped with robotic tool loading.