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Mill-EX: Lowest Price per Spindle for Aluminum Components - High-Speed Milling

Meet Mill-Ex, a high-speed milling machine designed for aluminum components and extrusion machining. It offers unmatched efficiency and precision at the lowest cost per part.

Unprecedented Speed and Efficiency

The Mill-Ex, available in two or four spindle configurations, is a machine that can keep up with the rigorous pace of modern manufacturing needs. Each spindle is individually driven across all three axes, ensuring precision and efficiency. With up to 1.5 G acceleration and high feed rates, it is well-suited for manufacturing parts for various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more.

Compact Design with Powerful Capabilities

One of Mill-Ex’s most impressive features is its incredibly reduced footprint compared to other multi-spindle machines. This compact design does not compromise its performance; it allows for machining parts in one setup using a 2 or 4-spindle approach at the lowest cost per part. Typical aluminum components include automotive parts such as cross members, battery trays, body-in-white, and aerospace parts like floor beams, wing ribs, and airframes. Mill-Ex could also be used in electronics and many other industries.

Enhanced Productivity and Customization

The Mill-Ex straightforward machining process boosts part throughput and reduces the overall cost per part. The Mill-Ex also offers extensive customization options to meet the unique needs of various manufacturing operations. Options include different coolant systems (high-pressure coolant, Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL), or dry milling) and varied loading/unloading (manual or automated via overhead gantry robot or front-loaded by 6-axis robots). This flexibility ensures that the Mill-Ex can be tailored to optimize any production line.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing Solution

With its low cost of ownership and operation, Mill-Ex offers a highly competitive solution for manufacturers seeking to boost their production capabilities while maximizing floor space. Its innovative design and advanced features position Mill-Ex as the top choice for companies striving to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and stay ahead in the competitive manufacturing landscape. Read more about Mill-Ex or schedule a demo.

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