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Turnkey machining solutions to optimize your business case and achieve the desired cost per part.

MODIG Machine Tool’s innovative machining solutions address the customer’s core challenges and provide a competitive advantage in industries such as aerospace, automotive, transportation, heavy industries, and large component manufacturing. MODIG Technology secures reduced cycle times, operating costs, waste and environmental impact, with valuable benefits of increased machine uptime and overall capacity.


Still, family-owned, MODIG, has been a pioneering supplier for machining solutions for more than 70 years. We have gained extensive knowledge by continuously keeping the customer’s interests in mind and closely cooperating with leading OEM and Tier-1 companies. An experience transformed into solutions to meet the demands and requirements for part machining today and for the future. MODIG provides solutions to improve your productivity and efficiency significantly. Let us secure your desired machining times and ensure success in your production.



With a MODIG machining solution, you will achieve up to 50% faster machining times with Lean, Green and Blue production.

MODIG’s innovative technology has significant advantages compared to conventional machines that will reduce your cycle times, boost your productivity and reduce cost per part.

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Solutions suitable for hard- and soft metal machining with flexible configurations. Each machining solution is built on a solid cast iron base allowing high-speed parts processing with high accuracy.

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  • High-end Technology
  • Speeds and feeds
  • Flexibility
  • Accuracy
  • Rigidity

Scraping – The Craftsman’s Art

Accuracy and stability are key features when building a machine.  Hand scraping, almost a lost art, has been performed in-house since the first generation of MODIG. The importance of flatness to reach outstanding results is essential. 75 years of MODIG precision hand built into every machine tool!



MODIG is today a world-leading manufacturer of premium CNC machines for high-performance machining.  Continuous innovation is key to our success and our latest cutting-edge technology is developed in-house by the R&D department. A result of long-standing tradition and years of experience.

In 1947, four brothers from Virserum in Smaland, Sweden, followed their dreams and founded the company, today run by the third generation MODIG. The focus back then was to produce off-the-shelve machines for the industries nearby.

Times are changing, and MODIG has benefited from the wealth of experience and knowledge by shifting focus to build world-class, innovative high-tech machinery solutions and redefined machining standards worldwide.