High production rate capabilities. Complete parts in one setup with horizontal machining for good chip removal. The HHV is a universal machining center for bar or extrusion components.

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Product Information

The HHV (Horizontal High Velocity) was developed in close cooperation with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers. Since its introduction, it quickly became the first choice of top performing machine shops.

The HHV is a universal machining center for bar or extrusion components. It is ideal for limited production runs, nesting, or high-volume production. Raw material is loaded from the left side into the machine, the HHV automatically pulls the raw material into position for machining and delivers finished parts into a part catcher. Instead of cutting raw material into specific lengths, the HHV handles uncut bars and extrusions. The benefit of making many parts from the same size bar or extrusion is: reduced set-up time, no work holding and a significant reduction in cycle time. Standard machining often requires multiple setups. The HHV machines parts complete in one setup, with no work holding.

HHV 2 and HHV 3 designates the number of rotary tables.

we guarantee 40% cycle time reduction with the hhv!

David Modig, President Modig Machine Tool


Bar and extrusion machine in one

Better chip flow – from horizontal machining

Complete parts in one setup

Reduced cycle time up to 40-70%

Material waste reduction

High production rate capabilities

Angle head machining possibilities

Roughing, semi-finish and finishing mode

A small footprint

Low fixture and tooling costs

Modular workholding designs for setup elimination

Different part programs on the same extrusion or bar (nesting)

No special foundation required

Full automation options available

Balluff chip system for cutting tool automation

Technical Specification


X-axis 1500 mm 60 in
Y-axis 420 mm 20 in
Z-axis 260 mm 10 in
U1-axis 1170 mm 46 in
B-axis optional +/- 15 degrees +/- 15 degrees
A1/A2-axis 190 degrees 190 degrees

Max Part Cross Section

Bar (options for larger bar size available) 127 x 127 mm 5 x 5 in
Extrusion 150 x 250 mm 6 x 10 in

Rotary Chucks

Feed rates 0-60 rpm 0-60 rpm
Jaw change system Quick change 1 min /rotary chuck Quick change 1 min /rotary chuck
Number of rotary tables 2

Aluminum Spindle

Speed 0-30,000 rpm 0-30,000 rpm
Power S1 45 kW 60 hp

Hard Metal Spindle

Speed 0-20,000 rpm 0-20,000 rpm
Torque S1 80 Nm 59 ft-lbs

Tool Changer

Number of tools standard 55 and more on request 55 and more on request
Tool taper HSK-A63 HSK-A63
Tool changing time 8 sec/chip to chip 8 sec/chip to chip

Feed rates

X-Y-Z axes 0-60 m/min 0-2,400 in/min
A-axis, A1 and A2 60 rpm/min 60 rpm/min
B-axis, optional 60 rpm/min 60 rpm/min


10 m/square second 32 ft/square second


Aluminum, composite, steel, titanium

Link - Time Savings 76%

Commercial Aircraft
Material: Aluminum

Previous time*: 97 minutes
HHV time: 23 minutes
Time Savings: 74 minutes (76%)

Width: 4″ (95 mm)
Length: 23″ (580 mm)
Thickness: 3″ (70 mm)

Airload Rib - Time Savings 50%

Commercial Aircraft
Material: Aluminum

Previous time*: 24 minutes
HHV time: 12 minutes
Time Savings: 12 minutes (50%)

Width: 1″ (28 mm)
Length: 10″ (260 mm)
Thickness: 5″ (120 mm)

Military Part - Time Savings 59%

Military and Defense
Material: Aluminum

Previous time*: 46 minutes
HHV time: 19 minutes
Time Savings: 27 minutes (59%)

Width: 3″ (70 mm)
Length: 12″ (300 mm)
Thickness: 2.5″ (62 mm)

*Previous time with well-known multi machining center