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Machining Solutions for Door and Window Components

Aluminum is a popular material for manufacturing components for doors and windows due to its light weight, flexibility, high insulation capacity, and maintenance-free properties. Doors and windows made from aluminum are more durable and energy-efficient than traditional materials. A stable, secure, and efficient design for doors and windows depends on precise-fitting parts. This requires machining solutions that meet the highest precision standards and have high angular tolerances. Whether you specialize in manufacturing complete door and window solutions or individual parts such as frames, fittings, stools, handles, rails, or sills, Modig Machine Tool offers machining solutions to help you meet your production goals.

Extensive experience in extrusion machining since 1991.

Since introducing the world’s first extrusion machining solution with a rotary table, MODIG has constantly pushed the limits of what an extrusion machining center can perform. As a result of our efforts, we have achieved reduced setup time, eliminated the need for work holding, and significantly decreased cycle time. Discover our solutions:

Aluminum Component Machining Solutions for Doors and Windows

Our high-speed milling machines with one, two, or four spindles are well suited for the demands of extrusion machining, with the key benefits of machining parts in one setup.

Door and Window part machining solutions

In the window and door manufacturing industry, ensuring profitability while maintaining high-quality standards is crucial. Achieving this balance can be challenging. Therefore, you must constantly improve your productivity and efficiency to overcome this challenge. The manufacture of doors and windows requires precision and quality to ensure correct function and safety, leaving no room for compromise on quality. Are you looking for a machining solution to strengthen your business case?

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Our advantages for machining of parts for doors and windows

Precision and accuracy: We understand that even the slightest deviation from the tolerances during the production of doors and windows can threaten their functionality and safety. Therefore, our machining solutions feature advanced technology to meet your current and future precision and ideal fit needs.

Customization and Flexibility: Our machining centers can be customized to meet specific production requirements. This flexibility enables manufacturers to produce customized products and cater to individual customer needs.

Turnkey solutions: All From One Source. MODIG provides complete production cells for your manufacturing solution. The machining solutions and the automation systems are assembled and tested in our MODIG facilities. We see it as an added value for the customer to have an acceptance test for the complete production cell at the same time under one roof.