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Lowest cost per part

Mill-Ex delivers up to 1.5G accelerations and high feed rates, making it the perfect choice for the demanding needs of aluminum machining.

Spindle configuration: 2 or 4

Each spindle is individually driven across all three axes, ensuring precision and efficiency.

High part throughput

The Mill-Ex straightforward machining process boosts part throughput and reduces the overall cost per part.

One setup

A more sustainable choice

Reduced transportation impact, reduced emission.


4-axis. 2 or 4 spindles. Aluminum components. Horizontal machining center with a small footprint. Turnkey solutions with complete production cells.

Options: Number of spindles, Spindle power, process cooling, measuring devices, loading and unloading.

Automation: Overhead loading system, robotic loading/unloading.

Materials: Aluminum and Composite.

Industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Extrusion, and more.

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Lowest cost per part

Mill-Ex is a high-speed milling machine with 2 or 4 spindles individually driven in all three axes. With up to 1.5G acceleration and high feed rates, it is well suited for the demands of aluminum machining.


Smallest footprint on the market for multi-spindle machines!

A key benefit is machining parts in one setup with a 2 or 4 spindles – higher part throughput with lowest cost per part. Typical parts are aluminum components for automotive (cross member, battery tray, body-in-white) aerospace (floor beam, wing rib, airframe), electronics, and many other applications. The Mill-Ex manufacturing solution offers the opportunity to customize the solution with for example different coolant options (high-pressure coolant, MQL, or dry milling) and loading/unloading (manual or automated by overhead gantry robot or by 6-axis robots from the front). The 2 spindles configuration provides the ability of loading new raw material while machining. The low cost of ownership makes Mill-Ex a very competitive solution.

High Part Throughput. Lowest cost per part!

Streamline Your Workflow with Automation for Mill-Ex

Consider adding automation to your Mill-Ex machine tool. We provide various solutions, from standalone automation to complete production cells for workpiece handling – All from One source.  Our all-in-one approach simplifies your implementation process and ensures that our automation solutions seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Automation concepts for machining centers

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