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This is MODIG

Modig Machine Tool is known as one of the world’s leading companies in high-speed machining technology. MODIG develops, engineers, and produces premium machines for high-performance machining in leading industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, space, construction, and heavy equipment.

MODIG is a family-owned company with a penchant for machines. Our high-performance machining centers and advanced processes secure manufacturing and operational excellence through increased productivity, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and unrelenting precision. In Swedish, Modig means brave, and it is shown by our constant innovation, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched standards of excellence. It is our ingenuity that allows us to create products that define the latest technology industry standards.

“For 75 years MODIG has been on the cutting edge of technology – that’s where we intend to stay”

– David Modig, President Modig Machine Tool


MODIG today

MODIG Machine Tool is today run by the third generation MODIG, David Modig, and celebrated as one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies of premium performance machining centers. MODIG also provides aftermarket support and complete automation solutions.

With over 11,000 machines sold worldwide, the MODIG brand is a trusted partner for your business. Every machine leaving the plant in Kalmar results from a seamless collaboration between our R&D and the production team.

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

With unique solutions, flexible configurations, and the ability to provide tomorrow’s technology today, we will improve your productivity together.

MODIG Machine Tool has an in-house R&D department that works with the latest technology, mechanics, pneumatics, and hydraulics. We continuously develop and improves our solutions to secure our high accuracy, speed, flexibility, and rigidity.

MODIG is working with short decision ways and a straightforward approach between the management group and the R&D team. A beneficial process where we provide the customers a significant advantage of the complete solution for the business case: machine, fixture, and automation. A turnkey manufacturing solution that makes you the market leader in your industry segment.

Our patent-pending solutions keep our partners in front of current technology.
We want to be successful together.



  • MODIG creates long-lasting values by providing machining solutions to improve your production efficiency and profitability.
  • A MODIG machining center reduces the cycle time up to 40-70% and reduces the waste material.
  • Each customer’s unique needs dictate their custom configuration with the latest technology.
  • MODIG develops and manufactures the machines in-house together with the fixtures, which provides significant advantages.
  • We provide competitive manufacturing solutions that help you take a leading position within your industry.


The story of MODIG starts deep into the forests in the south of Sweden in 1947. The four brothers of Modig founded the company and began to build machines in Virserum, Sweden. When the company’s lathes, universal drills, and machining centers became more well known worldwide, a woman ran the company, something unique for the time. Ulla Modig was an amazing woman, a true source of inspiration and genuine in the famous MODIG family spirit. Time goes by, and when the 2nd generation takes over, Percy Modig, the company reaches excellent success within the aerospace industry.

MODIG Machine Tool has a long history characterized by many innovations that have shaped the development of machine tools over the years. The introduction of the first computerized machine in 1982 marked the beginning of a new era. MODIG turned the focus and left the off-the-shelf devices behind and introduced the first high-speed machining center in the world in 1987. The year after MODIG launched the world’s first extrusion machine with rotary tables, Profile Line, a powerful best-in-class machine with incredible speeds and feeds, making MODIG the company with the most extensive knowledge in extrusion machining today.

Today, the 3rd generation MODIG, David Modig, runs the company and we are still well-known for our technical ingenuity. In the last years, MODIG has set a new standard for machining, first, with the RigiMill, which holds the world record in material removal. Then with the Inverted machining centers, the next generation of machining.

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Our solutions stay at the forefront in terms of technology, speed, flexibility, accuracy, and rigidity, and give you many advantages in an ever-competitive industry. Extrusion, cutting, drilling, milling, turning, automation and more, all are supported by reliable service and technical expertise. Our turnkey solutions with the latest technology and complete automation options, will provide you with top quality and unbeatable ROI.


All Modig machines are designed for safe operation with high-speed machining. Architecture with the complete machine housing or fenced safety area. Doors with safety interlocks and windows with bulletproof glass. Operators are not on dangerous coolant tables, shoveling chips, or loading product onto the machine table. Cutting tools are enclosed in a safety zone.  Software with integrated 3D crash protection and dual check safety—monitoring of spindle vibration, temperature, and torque detection.


All machines and programs are certified with the CE- and UL marking. We follow machine standards and the regulations of the machine directive. Our personnel are trained in machine safety.



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MODIG Machine Tool’s Headquarters is located in Kalmar, Sweden. The headquarters is housing offices, a workshop with assembling lines, Research & Development, and, facilities for machine demonstrations, training and customer trials. MODIG has two plants in Sweden and the second one is located in Virserum, where the company was founded.



MODIG Machine Tool US Inc. new North American Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, is located in Old Town, the heart of the “Air Capital of the World.” The US facility showcases the newest machines in our portfolio and is designed for training events, programming methodology, operator training, machine maintenance, and repair. This facility is also performing machine demonstrations and run time validations which are integral parts of our run time guarantees.