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Success story: voestalpine RFC Aerospace and MODIG

Revolutionary, innovative and pushing boundaries – this is how Loren Stout, Solutions & Development Manager, and Chris Wiebe, Business Development, at voestalpine RFC Aerospace describes MODIG Machine Tool. And that is why they have chosen a MODIG solution for their challenging needs.

New machining capabilities and the ability to process raw material in all formats with less material usage and minimum tooling, will allow voelstapine RFC Aerospace to break new grounds and be more competitive.

We spoke with Loren Stout, Solutions & Development Manager, and Chris Wiebe, Business Development, about how they came to decide on a HHV machining solution from MODIG.  Loren and Chris were asked to describe MODIG in a few words, and they both claimed that MODIG is “Revolutionary, Innovative, and Pushing boundaries“. Additionally, they made it clear that MODIG’s machining solutions are well known at voestalpine RFC Aerospace. They have had an old Profileline since 1998 in their production, a machine that has been up and running for 30 years.

Loren Stout, Solutions & Development Manager, voestalpine RFC Aerospace

Chris Wiebe, Business Development, voestalpine RFC Aerospace

Why a machining solution from MODIG?

In recent years, voestalpine RFC Aerospace has changed its strategy from roll forming to machining to step up the current production and take advantage of new opportunities. Predominantly the production has been concentrated on the machining of long extrusions. With the recent focus, the needs have broadened to include machining extrusions in different lengths, from 3 feet to 30 feet. voestalpine RFC Aerospace also needs to be able to machine both extrusions and bars, in various shapes, with minimum tooling. Finding a solution based on their requirements have been challenging, especially finding a machine with a bed size big enough for the large extrusions. After evaluating equipment from different machine manufacturers – the final choice fell on the MODIG HHV.

Modig HHV3, universal machining center for horizontal machining

The MODIG HHV3 is a universal, horizontal machining center, 4-or 5-axis with a single or double spindles for extrusion- or bar machining with full automation options available.

HHV – the perfect match

The HHV’s machining capability will allow voestalpine RFC Aerospace to break new ground and be more competitive. Among the HHV’s many benefits, one of the most important to succeed in producing a wide range of components is its flexible features.

The variation of length capability with minimum tooling is a big deal for us. We are not a shop that produces one specific part. We are all over the place in length, and theoretically, we will need ten machines to capture that,” says Loren Stout. The HHV’s adaptability to machining different kinds of raw materials and different sizes of extrusions and bars with minimum tooling gives considerable benefits.

Chris Wiebe continues, “The new capabilities, the infinite length of extrusions and the ability to process raw material in all formats were ideal for this application. The increased efficiency in raw materials removal rate the MODIG machine offers compared to competitors is why MODIG was the best fit to fulfill all needs“.

With the HHV, voestalpine RFC Aerospace will produce structural components in aluminum for commercial airplanes at the beginning. Five different shapes of extrusions and bars will be used, from T to U-channels. The HHV opens new possibilities and they see a future where this machine produces components for a broad spectrum of industries.  Loren and Chris also stated that they will push the machine to the limit when it is up and running to reach the desired capabilities with reduced cycle times and raw materials savings.

voestalpine RFC Aerospace, with its headquarters in Shelbyville, Kentucky, USA, has over 60 years of experience working in partnership with leading aircraft manufacturers. The most respected names in aviation rely on the company for structural, lightweight components.

About the MODIG HHV

The HHV is a universal machining center for extrusion or bar machining with high production capabilities. Designed to meet the highest possible speed, accuracy, and quality, the HHV has a production rate comparable to up to five conventional machines. This allows manufacturers to produce more parts with fewer machines. These machines are 40-70% faster than competing standard machines due to the HHV’s accelerations, ability to work at full speed, and automated processes. The HHV handles uncut bars and extrusions and can produce many parts from the same piece of raw material. The result is a dramatic decrease in the use of raw materials.

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