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Machine upside down for Improved precision and speed

Discover our inverted machining solutions and read more about why your next machine should be a machining center processing upside down.

Our complete range of inverted machining solutions for metal part machining sets the standard in increasingly competitive industries, including automotive, heavy equipment, and aerospace. By processing from below, the IM MACHINE SERIE provides unmatched productivity, precision, and speed.

Why inverted machining?

Want to be more efficient?

MODIG has developed solutions to address the growing demand for improved machining solutions for aerospace parts for more than 40 years. The solutions provide our customers with a tremendous competitive advantages to produce high-quality parts with high accuracy, reduced cycle times, and exceptional cost per part.


High production capabilities for automotive parts

MODIG provides 4- and 5-axis machining solutions with single or multi-spindles and high production capabilities for automotive parts. Solutions ideal for:

Battery trays machining: Cross member, battery tray, battery case

Mega casting machining: Rear body structures

Extrusion and bar machining: Brakes, rims, suspension, steering components, sill, crash box, bumper, subframe, rear twist beam

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Machining Solutions

MODIG Machine Tool develops, engineers, and produces premium machining solutions, including vertical, horizontal, and inverted machining centers and machine tool automation,  for high-performance machining in leading industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Extrusion, Construction, and Heavy Equipment.

Boost your machining center with automation

MODIG provides machine tool automation that will boost your machining center and contribute to greater flexibility, higher quality, and increased productivity in your production. All from one source.

Robotic machine loading. Overhead loading system. Bar feeder. Pallet system. Robotic tool loading. Complete automation concepts. 

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