1,000 cubic inches (16.4 liters) of chip removal per minute in aluminum

RigiMill Moving Table (MT) setting new standards in High Performance machining. Parts are finished with extreme high chip removal rates and close geometric tolerances. MODIG machines run within any sector of industry, any type of application and part material to the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

– Up to 1,000 cubic inches (16.4 liters) of chip removal per minute in aluminum!

– Up to 55 cubic inches (0.9 liter) of chip removal per minute in titanium!

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With only one setup, no dedicated tooling or preparation necessary, the Modig HHV provides a systematically lean method for production. Our machine’s minimalistic approach to machining allows for benefits of both high production and unique specialized production runs.

A universal machining center for bar and extrusion components, for soft or hard metal. With reduced setup time, no work holding fixtures, and a significant reduction in cycle time, let our Modig machine tools take you into the future.

HHV3 - Horizontal Machining Center

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We provide a wide range of advantages. Of these, the most significant is our time saving technology. With a Modig you will reduce your cycle time by 30-70%, a key component for success. Contact us to learn more of the Modig Way of machining!

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Modig Machine Tool both develop and produce premium CNC-machines for high speed machining. Our machines are suitable for a wide range of industries such as aircraft, automotive, and construction. We have the perfect match for your production requirements.

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Modig Machine Tool is celebrated as one of the world’s leading companies in manufacturing premium performance machining centers. With over 11,000 machines sold worldwide, the Modig brand is a trusted partner for your business.

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