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Case Studies

Reduce cycle times, reduce waste, cut cost per part and minimize your energy consumption with MODIG machining technology.

In today’s metal component manufacturing industry, it is essential to reduce cycle time, waste, minimize energy consumption and cut cost per part. Whatever industry you’re in, aerospace, automotive, extrusions, heavy equipment or medical, your goal should always be to produce parts efficiently while minimizing any environmental impact. You will reduce your cycle times, decrease overall manufacturing costs and make a significant impact if you use MODIG’s machines.

Following case studies are made by Modig Machine Tool. Find out how much time and resources you can save by manufacturing your parts in a MODIG machine.

“For 70 years, Modig has been on the cutting edge of technology – that’s where we intend to stay.”

– David Modig, President Modig Machine Tool

Wing Rib

Machining of a wing rib in aluminum plate with time savings of 59%.

Find out how you can speed up your production!

Wing Stringer

Wing stringer with a length of 630“ (16,000 mm) with time saving of 64%!

Are you machining stringers? Learn how to save time now!


Wing spar

Time savings of 75% when machining Wing Spar of 484″ (12,300 mm)!

Discover how you can save time when producing wing spars!


Bar machining with 76% cycle time reduction! Are you machining bar parts?

Learn how to achieve higher productivity!

Airload Rib

Our customer achieved both 50% cycle time reduction and 71,000 lbs (32,200 kg) of raw material savings per year when machining bar parts!  Learn how!

Aircraft Part

Machining of an aircraft part with 27 minutes in time savings, 59%!

View the cast study details!


Produce seat tracks with time savings of up to 70%!

Find out how you can speed up your seat track machining!



Modig Machine Tool, a Swedish family-owned company, is recognized as one of the most prominent companies in high-speed machine technology.

The company designs, engineers, and manufactures premium machines for high-performance machining in leading industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and construction equipment.

High-performance machining centers with advanced processes ensure manufacturing and operational excellence through enhanced productivity, unrelenting precision, and exceptional cost-effectiveness.