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Breaking world records with the RigiMill

RigiMill: Extraordinary speed, exceptional precision 

MODIG’s two vertical machining centers both deliver a unique combination of speed, strength, and nimbleness: they’re powerful enough for the heaviest of tasks, while also able to machine intricate holes and pockets at full speed. Other machining setups require a separate unit for roughing and finishing, but the RigiMill has the versatility to tackle tough jobs and precise tasks in both aluminum and hard metals.

Key to their high performance is their phenomenal rigidity. The monobloc cast iron bridge structure combines with a vertical moving cross-rail and overhanging spindle to deliver a machining solution for the most challenging of tasks. The unyielding nature of the bridge and spindle is the platform for the RigiMill’s precision, while the various spindle configurations help deliver the fastest chip removal rates in the world – chip removal rates of up to 55 cubic inches per
minute (0.9 liter/min) for titanium, and 1,001 cubic inches per minute (16.4 liters/ min) for aluminum.

As well as being highly customizable, the RigiMill is available in two forms: with a moving table, and with a moving gantry.

RigiMill Moving Gantry (MG)

With its fixed table and moving gantry, the RigiMill MG is designed for machining long pieces. Featuring an automatic pallet system of up to 950” (24 m) it’s built for the largest components. It can also be extended along the X-axis after installation, giving manufacturers additional flexibility in the longer term. Robotic tool loading reduces cycle time further – tool changing takes around 14 seconds from a magazine containing up to 500 tools.

For many years, this has been first choice for aircraft manufacturers. However, it’s also found a natural companion in the space industry, since it can machine the long single pieces needed for satellites and rockets.

Vertical horizontal center RigiMill Moving Gantry

The RigiMill Moving Table (MT)

The RigiMill MT has a fixed gantry with a moving table. It’s as strong and versatile as the MG, but its design demands less floor space, making it especially useful for machining shorter parts up to 240” (6 m). The compact design also includes complete machine housing, so all parts are processed in a fully covered working zone for extra safety and neatness.

Like the RigiMill MG, it is widely used in the aerospace industry – for example, for machining aluminum wing ribs. It has recently delivered excellent results in other industries too. The solid design makes it ideal for machining parts for heavy industrial vehicles, and for semiconductor casings in the energy industry.

Vertical horizontal center RigiMill Moving Table

World Records with RigiMill

The RigiMill delivers outstanding time savings – up to 75% in comparison with other machining centers – and at MODIG we are always willing to put our equipment’s speed to the test. We did this in style at our 2017 Open House, when the RigiMill MG set a world record for chip removal: 1,001 cubic inches of aluminum per minute (16.4 liters/min)! Get in touch through our website to arrange a personalized demo to discover the improvements we can make to your run times. Stay tuned for more MODIG world record attempts: we’ll soon be using a new spindle and spindle head to go for a 28% increase in chip removal!

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E-magazine: Produktion: ROXX Communication Group, Publisher: Modig Machine Tool. Project manager: Micael Lindgren. Text: Brian Cloughley. Photo: Modig Machine Tool/Studio Rosenfors/Lindsberg Media.