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Aluminum Extrusion Machining Centers

4-5 axis. Single or Twin-spindle. Complete parts in one setup. Turnkey solutions. Full automation options are available. ROI 11-13 months.

Welcome to a realm of precision and excellence at MODIG – your gateway to advanced Aluminum Extrusion Machining Centers. Explore our technology designed to redefine the standards of efficiency and accuracy in aluminum machining. Elevate your capabilities with us. 

MODIG Machine Tool developed and produced the world’s first extrusion machine with rotary tables in 1988. When introduced, it was an extraordinary machine of speeds and feeds, almost too good to be true, and this is still the reality today. With over 30,000 time-studies and surveys, and an awarded design, the MODIG extrusion machining solution became the first choice of top-performing machine shops. We are confident in our experience and knowledge regarding extrusion machining with a Return on Investment of typically 11-13 months. Today, this machining solution is available in several extrusion machine models depending on the sizes and lengths of extrusions.


With over 30 years of experience in extrusion machining!

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Aluminum extrusions - Guaranteed 40% cycle time reduction!

MODIG’s extrusion machining solutions provide the benefits of making many parts from the same size extrusion with reduced set-up time, no work holding and a significant reduction in cycle time. You will receive complete parts in one setup, and we guarantee 40% cycle time reduction with the HHV2, HHV3 and HHV DUO! Your machining cycle time at the process design stage: 50% faster machining time over conventional processes and better than 95% machine uptime. True Lean and Green production.

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MODIG HHV - Extrusion Machining Center

The HHV is a machining center for horizontal extrusion machining, with 4- or 5-axis. We provide several solutions with high production rate capabilities and material waste reduction. Solutions with single or twin-spindle [HHV DUO], with two rotary tables [HHV 2] or three rotary tables [HHV 3], depending on the size of the components you are machining. The HHV requires no special foundation, a small footprint, a balluff chip system for cutting tool automation, and a low fixture and tooling costs. Full automation options available to provide you with a complete high-end solution for your production.

  • Single spindle or Twin-spindle
  • 2 or 3 rotary tables
  • Complete parts in one setup
  • Requires no special foundation – small footprint
  • Full automation options available

These premium high performance machining centers is optimized for companies with a need for best-in-class technology within a wide range of industries as for example electric vehicle/automotive and aerospace. MODIG delivers unique solutions, high production capacity, and a focus on quality.

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