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Aluminum Extrusion Machining Centers

4-5 axis. Single or multi-spindle. Complete parts in one setup. Turnkey solutions. Full automation options are available. ROI 11-13 months.

MODIG Machine Tool, the pioneer in extrusion machining, introduced the world’s first extrusion machine with rotary tables in 1988. With its exceptional speeds and feeds, this groundbreaking machine was a testament to our commitment to innovation and reliability. Today, with over 30,000-time studies, surveys, and an awarded design, the MODIG extrusion machining solution remains the top choice of leading machine shops. Our experience and knowledge in extrusion machining, coupled with a typical Return on Investment of 11-13 months, instills confidence in our solutions.

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Why MODIG extrusion solutions?

Our solutions are trusted by leading industries such as aerospace and automotive for their high production rate capabilities. Focusing on high precision and efficiency, our solutions offer a low cost per part and reduced cycle times, providing a competitive edge in the market.

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Streamline Your Workflow with Automation

From individual stand-alone automation to complete production cells for workpiece handling, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions – All from one source. This all-in-one approach simplifies your implementation process and ensures a seamless integration of our automation solutions into your workflow.

Automation solutions

Our extrusion machining solutions in action!

Through continuous improvement and consideration of customer needs, we have developed highly cost-effective and efficient solutions. Watch our videos to gain more insight into MODIG technology for extrusion machining.

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