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Horizontal Machining Centers

3-4-5-6 axis. Single or Twin-spindle. Turnkey solutions for horizontal machining. Full automation options available.

MODIG horizontal machining centers are optimized for companies with a need for best-in-class technology and performance. With unique solutions, flexible configurations, and a focus on quality, MODIG stays at the forefront of the machine tool industry. The horizontal machining centers that operate with a spindle parallel to the production floor, have been in MODIG’s machine portfolio from the beginning. Since 1947, MODIG has developed and built premium machine tools produced in Sweden and in the 1980’s MODIG launched the world’s first High-Speed Machining Center. Our family-owned company has developed knowledge and skills to build innovative machines that compete globally throughout the years. Innovative machines require cutting-edge technology, and our technical ingenuity is an essential element for MODIG’s machinery concepts.


What type of industries use Modig’s Horizontal Machining Centers?

MODIG’s horizontal machining centers are used in leading industries including aerospace, automotive, extrusions, heavy equipment, for machining in both soft and hard metal.

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What benefits have MODIG Horizontal machining centers?

Technology MODIG provides horizontal machining centers with the latest technology tailored for your unique needs. The MODIG way of machining is at the very forefront in the machine tool industry with significant cycle time reductions.

Speed MODIG’s horizontal machining centers are among the fastest on the market, depending on machine model and operation. Compared to competing standard machines, our horizontal machining centers are between 40-70% faster.

Flexible We have solutions for machining in both soft and hard metal with customized configurations. Unique solutions for machining of parts in various sizes, from small complex parts to long bars and extrusions.

Accuracy Accuracy and stability are key features when building a machine. Hand scraping, almost a lost art, is performed in-house since the first generation of Modig to deliver machines with the highest precision and accuracy.

Rigidity High rigidity and dynamic stability are essential elements for our machining centers. A solid machine construction with a cast iron base makes it possible to machine parts at high speed with high accuracy without compromising the quality of the end products.

Reduced footprint. Our machines are designed for small footprint.

[The picture showing examples of various components for our horizontal machining centers]


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