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Innovative machining solutions

Modig’s innovative machining centers are optimized for companies in need of the best technology and speed. With unique solutions, flexible configurations, and the ability to provide tomorrow’s technology today. MODIG stays at the forefront of the machine tool industry.

In Swedish, Modig means brave and is shown by our constant innovation, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched standards of excellence. It is our ingenuity that allows us to create products that define the latest technology industry standards. Orders from prestigious companies reward our unwavering commitment to excellence in specialized production equipment. There is no room for compromise in quality at Modig.

 “For 70 years Modig has been on the cutting edge of technology – that’s where we intend to stay”

– David Modig, President Modig Machine Tool


Modig Machine Tool has in-house R&D. The fact that we develop and manufacture both the machine and the fixtures provides a significant advantage for our customers. We provide our customers with manufacturing solutions that make them market leaders in their industry segments. Participation into the development process at a very early stage, which is key to reducing the development cycle.

Our development process puts our customers in a leading position compared to its competitors.

Our patent-pending solutions keep our partners in front of current technology!

Inverted Machining Centers - The next generation of machining

Solutions with high productivity

Reduced cycle time up to 40-70%
Modig Machine Tool provide solutions to make your production more efficient. We give you high precision and productivity with reduced cycle time up to 40-70%, and, optimized production with reduced waste material.

Competitive advantage
Our machines provide a competitive advantage in industries such as: aircraft, automotive, transportation, heavy industries and large component manufacture. Modig redefines affordable customization by meeting our customer’s stringent demands for high productivity, total reliability, and highest-level accuracy.

MODIG Solutions: Horizontal machines, Vertical machines, Inverted machines

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We offer automation solutions and qualified expertise in automation. Our trained people will evaluate your specific needs. We offer part loading, bar feeding, pallet changing, robotics, and customized CNC-controlled work holding fixtures, and much more to our machining centers.


Modig - Tomorrow´s Technology Today

Custom Configuration
Our mission is to harness our knowledge and experience, in close collaboration with our cutting-edge industrial partners, to develop machining solutions that enhance our customer’s production efficiency and profitability. Each customer’s unique needs dictate their custom configuration.

Scraping – The Craftmen’s Art
Accuracy and stability are key features when building a machine.  Hand scraping, almost a lost art, is performed in-house since the first generation of Modig. The importance of flatness to reach outstanding result is essential. 73 years of Modig precision hand built into every machine tool!

All Modig machines are designed for safe operation with high speed machining. Architecture with complete machine housing or fenced safety area. Doors with safety interlocks and windows with bullet proof glass. Operators are not on dangerous coolant tables, shoveling chips, or loading product onto the machine table. Cutting tools are enclosed in a safety zone.  Software with integrated 3D crash protection and dual check safety. Monitoring of spindle vibration, temperature and torque detection.

All machines and programs are certified with the CE- and UL marking. We follow machine standards and the regulations of the machine directive. Our personnel are trained in machine safety.

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