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IM-6T / IM-8T / IM-10T

4- or 5-axis. Single spindle. Mill-Turn. Trunnion table: 25”, 32″, or 40” (630, 800, or 1,000 mm).
Max part size: 37” x 30” x 22” (950 x 750 x 550 mm), diameter 47” (1,200 mm). Inverted Mill-Turn machine.

Options: Spindle power and torque, 4- or 5-axis, tool magazine and tool holder.

Automation: Pallet system, robot loading, overhead loading.

Materials: Cast iron, Die casting, Aluminum, Titanium, Composite and Steel.

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Equipment and more.

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Product Information

The IM-machine series was born to meet today’s manufacturing signified by ever more closely geometric part tolerances, part and component complexity, and faster production times within the industry. The machines processing from below transforms the way we will think about generic 5-axes and component machining. So, let us think inverted.

The IM-6T, IM-8T and IM-10T, combines the inverted machines speed and precision, with mill-turn flexibility – taking machining performance to a new level with higher productivity, higher accuracy, and less installation time. Inverted mill-turn machining and an optimal chip handling system meets challenging machining processes and helps to achieve world-class quality, with shortened production times, leading to decreased overall manufacturing costs.

The inverted single spindle machine with mill-turn capability can perform multiple operations simultaneously, work very quickly and perform complex operations faster with greater accuracy. With a patented design, a single spindle with up to 200 hp (150 kW) working from below, this high-speed inverted machining center with mill-turn sets a new standard for 5-axes machining. Extreme fast cut-to-cut times make the machine suitable for industries characterized by large volumes, quick lead times, and high complexity. A stable machine with a cast iron base around the structure makes the machine extremely rigid, enabling the tool to work with extreme precision. Working inverted means easier chip evacuation with less consumption of coolant. The gravity makes the chips fall with a natural flow from the work piece and the working area. The stability, together with the excellent optimized chip handling system, yells for higher performance.

Inverted machining center with mill-turn capability

The choice of IM-6T, IM-8T, or IM-10T depending on the size of work piece you are machining. The trunnion tables with turning are available in the sizes of 25”, 32” or 40” (630, 800, or 1,000 mm) which gives a total of max part size of 37” x 30” x 22” (970 x 750 x 550 mm) and an interference diameter of 47” (1,200 mm). The IM machine series are designed for optimal use of floor space where the design makes it possible to place the machines side by side. The chip conveyor is placed in the back of the machines with easy access for chip handling. Loading of material and unloading of parts, take place either manually from the front or by a pallet system, or with overhead loading. In this way the machines can efficient be used for high productivity in your production lines. Options for pallet system, robot loading, and overhead loading are available.

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– David Modig, President Modig Machine Tool

Inverted machining center, with the spindle working from below.
Optimal chip handling with MODIG's inverted machining center.

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Patented design

Inverted machining


Optimal chip handling

Extremely fast. Acc/dcc due to machine design

Single spindle, up to 200 hp

Monolithic structures for absolute dynamic and thermal stability

Equal, stable load distribution for vibration-free cutting

Possible to place machines side by side for optimal floor space

Automation: Front or overhead loading, pallet system

Up to 300 tools

Technical Specification


Model IM-6T / IM-8T / IM-10T IM-6T / IM-8T / IM-10T


Orientation Inverted Inverted
Number of spindles 1 1


X-axis 730 / 900 / 1050 mm 28 / 35 / 41 in
Y-axis 900 / 1,100 / 1,300 mm 35 / 43 / 51 in
Z-axis 1,500 mm 59 in
A-axis +-120 degrees +-120 degrees
C-axis 360 continuous degrees 360 continuous degrees

Max Part Size

Depht 630 / 800 / 900 mm 25 / 32 / 37 in
Width 500 / 630 / 750 mm 20 / 25 / 30 in
Height 400 / 500 / 550 mm 16 / 20 / 22 in
Inference ø diameter 800 / 1,000 / 1,200 mm 32 / 39 / 47 in

A / C Trunnion Table

Table ø diameter 630 / 800 / 1,000 mm 25 / 32 / 39 in
Turning yes yes
Speed 1,200 / 1,000 / 800 rpm 1,200 / 1,000 / 800 rpm

Spindle - Standard*

Speed 0-15,000 rpm 0-15,000 rpm
Power S1 40 kW 54 hp
Torque S1 150 Nm 110 ft-lbs


Number of tools (standard)* 100 100
Tool taper HSK63A / HSK100A HSK63A/ HSK100A
Tool changing time 6 sec, chip to chip 6 sec, chip to chip
Max tool lenght 650 mm 26 in
Max tool ø diameter 300 mm 12 in
Max tool weight 30 kg 66 lbs


Travels 4-axis, X/Y/Z/A 4-axis, X/Y/Z/A
Spindle Speed 30,000 rpm 30,000 rpm
Spindle Power S1 150 kW 204 hp
Spindle Torque S1 450 Nm 330 ft-lbs
Number of tools up to 300 up to 300

Subject to change.

IM machine series