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What is high-speed machining?

High-speed machining combines lighter milling sequences with high feed rates and high spindle speeds to increase productivity and raise quality when machining soft and hard metals.

High-speed machining the MODIG way

When the 2nd generation MODIG took over the company during the late 1970s, the transition to CNC machines had started. This transition opened a new world of opportunities, and the customers asked for better and better machines. The race between the manufactures was all about creating new technology that paved the way for incredible spindle speed and feed rates. At this time MODIG saw an opportunity to compete with the big manufacturers. After years of improvements, we developed a solution for replacing slow cuts with faster, lighter cuts, allowing for faster removal rates – high-speed machining. MODIG’s first high-speed machining center was introduced in the late 1980s. It was a machine with extraordinary speeds and feeds that helped customers reduce their lead times from a month to just a few hours. During this time, we started to cooperate with SKF, a Swedish company making ball bearings to reach new speed records. Together with SKF, we achieved speed rates almost too reasonable to be true for the time.

The speed rates are almost too reasonable to be true

When high-speed machining was introduced, it was a change like night and day for the manufacturers of soft and hard metal parts. After years of innovation, they could now buy a machine from MODIG that was almost ten times faster than conventional methods – an incredible increase in productivity! Since then, machine manufacturers have competed to achieve the highest spindle speed possible without compromising the quality and we have always strived to be at the forefront when it comes to efficient, high-quality production where the cost per part is the key.

The highest spindle speed possible without compromising the quality

Working at high speed with small cutting depths per pass reduces the contact time between the tool and the workpiece. This results in lower cutting forces and less heat generation and reduces stress within the machine. With less load and pressure on both the machine and the tool, the process will be more stable while reducing the chance of tool distortion and tool bending, which means that the final result will be much more accurate smoother surfaces.  High-speed machining is today standard in the premium machine segment. Speed is key to achieving a high removal rate and performing better, but not all. The machine’s characteristics, such as temperature compensation, machine rigidity and construction, positional feedback, and tool retention, are all essential to ensure a good result of high-speed machining and to achieve reduced cycle times.

Why MODIG machining solutions?

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Today, MODIG is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium high-speed machining centers. We are setting new standards in high-performance machining by developing machining centers characterized by high speed, incredible flexibility, extreme accuracy, high rigidity, and dynamic stability. Our innovative machining solutions with cutting-edge technology provide a competitive advantage in industries such as aerospace, automotive, transportation, heavy industries, and large component manufacturing. Machining solutions from MODIG Machine Tool. Vertical machining, horizontal machining, inverted machining, extrusion, machining solutions for parts to aircrafts, cars, energy, buildings and much more.

Discover our different machining solutions, helping you achieve reduced cycle time without compromising the quality.