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Extrusion Machining

Extrusion machining is something MODIG is an expert on since the company has been manufacturing extrusion machines for more than 30 years. We even dare to go so far as to say that we are the most experienced company in the world when it comes to extrusion machining. This means that we are well acquainted with the requirements placed on extrusion machines today. On this page, you can take part in our knowledge about extrusion. You get a background in extrusion as a manufacturing method and how a machine works while presenting our unique machine solutions for extrusion parts.


What is an extrusion machine?

To understand what an extrusion machine is, you need to briefly overview the extrusion process itself.

The extrusion process

Extrusion is a metal-forming manufacturing method used to create objects with specific cross-sectional profiles. The material will be pressed through a pre-shaped die. The process is a bit like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube. Imagine the toothpaste as a heated, cylindrical aluminum bar, also called an ingot. The toothpaste tube is the tool itself. The hot material is pressed through a tool/matrix that gives the profile its shape. When the profile leaves the tool, air or water is cooling it down it. Then the shapes are stretched while they are still ’soft.’ In this way, stresses are released in the aluminum, and the profiles finally get the right dimensions. The profiles are cut and get their final strength through hot or cold aging. The final step is finishing or surface treatment to enhancing appearance and corrosion properties. Once this is completed, you are ready for a Modig Extrusion machine to make parts to your specifications.

Extrusion machine

An extrusion machine is a machine that takes the extrusion and turns it into a part. In MODIG’s machine portfolio, you will find several machining centers for extrusions. Our machines are among the fastest and most reliable machines on the market for this type of machining. Modig’s machines significantly reduce production time while at the same time reduce waste during processing. Read more below.

Extrusion - the Modig Way

MODIG is at the forefront when it comes to manufacturing machines for metal extrusions. All the extrusion machines we offer make a big difference in product quality as they simultaneously are helping to minimize production costs and ensure that the customer achieves the desired productivity. We will now focus on how our extrusion machines complete parts in one setup.

Extrusions in one setup

MODIG’s extrusion machines, which are perfect for producing components and parts for the automotive and aerospace industries and more, have two or three rotary tables and process straight bars and profiles of aluminum and composite material. The raw material is continuously loaded to the machine from the left and automatically pulled into position for machining. No pre-cutting is required before the raw material is pushed through the pre-designed jaws and processed in the machine. Details are machined in a single process without the operator needing to reset and realign the machine when milling at different rates. Rather than cutting the raw material into specific lengths, MODIG’s extrusion machines handle extrusions in full size, resulting in a reduced setup time, no work holding, and a significant reduction in cycle time.

VIDEO: Extrusion machining – Case Study

Extrusion Machining centers from Modig

With over 30 years of experience in extrusion machining – MODIG is the go-to-company for extrusion machining.

MODIG Machine Tool developed and produced the world’s first extrusion machine with rotary tables in 1988. When introduced, it was an extraordinary machine of speeds and feeds, almost too good to be true, and this is still the reality today. With over 30,000 time-studies and surveys, and an awarded design, the MODIG extrusion machining solution became the first choice of top-performing machine shops. We are confident in our experience and knowledge regarding extrusion machining with a Return on Investment of 11-13 months compared to conventional machines.

Today, this machining solution is available in two extrusion machine models depending on the sizes and lengths of extrusions. HHV2 and HHV3. Upcoming is also a version for longer extrusion parts.

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Industries using extrusion machining

Extrusion machining is used today in many industries because it is both surprisingly cost-effective and time-efficient for the right parts. The automotive industry has been using extrusion solutions for many years. In particular, the manufacturers of Electric Vehicles require this type of machine to manufacture parts and components, such as battery trays, battery enclosures, and much more. The aerospace industry has also benefited from the advantages of extrusion. Aluminum Extrusion has also become increasingly common in construction due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and cost advantages.

In addition to commercial applications, the Extrusion Machining industry has discovered several other industries that make extensive use of the extrusion process. For instance, the military utilizes extrusion machining to produce different applications.