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CNC Milling Machines and Machining centers

CNC Milling machines play a central part in producing many products used in everyday life. Have a quick look around you. A car is driving by, and an airplane is crossing over your head. Many of the parts building up a car or an aircraft, for example, were produced using diverse types of CNC milling machines.

MODIG has a long heritage of manufacturing CNC milling machines. From the company’s first fully automated, multi-function machine, the company has built innovative premium CNC milling machines that have been competitive worldwide over the years. MODIG’s machining center incorporates modern technology and exceeds today’s demands for higher production tolerances, part complexity, and machine time per part.

MODIG’s CNC milling machines can be used in a variety of industries.

MODIG’s CNC Milling machines are a terrific way to improve the manufacturing processes in leading industries, including aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, medical, construction and extrusions.


What is a CNC milling machine?

CNC milling machines have been a staple in factories all around the world. It is an excellent tool for industrial production used by the automotive, aerospace, medical and electronics industries. These machines perform a process similar to drilling or cutting parts, using various rotating cutting tools along one or several axes to remove material from the workpiece by creating slots, holes, and pockets in the material to transform it into finished parts. Unlike manual milling, humans are not operating on a CNC milling machine.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control milling, numerical computer software that controls the machine, automates production to increase throughput while maintaining consistently high quality, and enables greater precision, accuracy, and higher production speeds. This repeatability is what makes CNC machining so cost-effective and valuable for both customers and suppliers.

CNC Milling machines, also known as CNC machining centers, commonly operate on three to five axes and house many advanced features. These machines can have pallet changers, advanced machine coolant systems, and automatic tool changers that improve efficiency and accuracy.


Different types of CNC milling machines

There are three kinds of CNC milling machines, each classified according to its spindle orientation. MODIG follows industry guidelines and divides CNC milling machines into vertical, horizontal, inverted, and inverted.

CNC Vertical Milling Machines. A vertical milling machine has a vertically oriented spindle that operates with precision and accuracy.

Horizontal CNC machining machines.  The Horizontal milling machine is equipped with a spindle that runs parallel to the production floor. It mills workpieces from the side, encouraging chips from falling from the spindle.

Inverted CNC milling machines The spindle works from below and gives you better chip handling than traditional milling. These machines are incredibly stable and fast and have high precision.

The number of axes found on a CNC-milling machine

A CNC milling machine typically has 3-, 4- or 5-axes. It can provide the performance along the X, Y, Z axes. The horizontal activity along the X- and Y-axes are vertical, forward-and-back, flat, and side-to-side. Simultaneously both the Z- and Y-axes indicate vertical movement (upwards or down) while the W-axis denotes the diagonal direction along a vertical plane.

3-axis horizontal milling machine:

3-axis milling is a straightforward type of machining. Working with a spindle moving along the three linear lines X-Y–Z, which. Meaning that the spindle can move forward and reverse, to the left, right, and up and down.

4-axis milling machines:

The 4-axis milling machine adds rotation to the three linear Axes X, Y, Z to make it possible to process multiple sides of the same workpiece.

5-axis horizontal milling machines:

5-axis milling machines allow for complex surface milling with three linear or two rotational axes. The spindle of a 5-axis milling machine can move on three linear and two circular axes (X/Y/Z) and turn simultaneously on two (A/B or A/C).

CNC milling machines from MODIG

Modig offers an extensive range of CNC milling machines for machining in soft and hard metals. You can choose from various machine models, including vertical, horizontal, or inverted CNC milling centers with 4-6 axes per spindle. MODIG can also offer you twin-spindles machining centers to reach even higher productivity and decrease overall manufacturing costs. Each machining center from MODIG can be customized by our designers, engineers, and programmers to meet your specific needs, giving you an edge in your industry.


Vertical CNC Milling Machines

MODIG’s vertical milling machine offers a remarkable speed, strength, and agility combination. Our different vertical milling machines help you secure your desired machining times with extraordinary rates and exceptional precision.

Inverted CNC Milling Machines

MODIG inverted CNC milling machines are the future of milling. They offer all the inherent advantages of traditional processes, and The IM series machines meet high productivity, maximum reliability, and highest levels of accuracy. Discover all our inverted milling machines. 

Milling machine manufacturer

MODIG is a milling machine manufacturer with sustained experience and the only company in Sweden developing and manufacturing new high-tech, high-speed processing machines. The company designs, engineers, manufactures, and markets premium machines for high-quality machining in leading sectors, such as aerospace, construction, and energy.


Why a milling machine from MODIG?

MODIG’s High-Performance milling machines offer various benefits, with the most time-saving technology as the most notable advantage. When you choose a machining solution from Modig, you will achieve:

  • Reduced cycle times
  • Fast return on investment
  • Minimum costs of ownership
  • Long life cycle
  • High production capabilities
  • Accuracy and precision