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3-axis machining

MODIG 3-axis CNC machining centers provide both the speed, accuracy, and flexibility needed to succeed in manufacturing today.  Our 3-axis machines can be tailored to each customer’s specific needs to increase productivity, reduce costs and maintain or improve quality and gain more advantages.

Technology: Our 3-axis machines feature the most up-to-date technology to meet  current and future production needs 

Accuracy and precision: There is an increasing demand for precise tolerances. This is why our 3-axis CNC machining centers have been designed to meet the most exacting precision and accuracy requirements.

A high-speed: Our spindles process fast and efficiently, and our high feed rates ensure that you can reduce cycle times and increase your productivity.

High rigidity: Our horizontal and vertical 3-axis machines provide stable and reliable processes ensuring greater precision and better quality for surface finishes.

Flexible. Our processing machines are flexible and can process small and large parts at high speed, both complex and straightforward. Our 3-axis solutions can process soft and hard metal with high accuracy and precision to meet the highest tolerance requirements available today.


What is 3-axis machining?

3-axis machining refers to a machine with a spindle able to move back and forth to the left and right and up and down over the X-, Y- and Z-axis. During machining, the workpiece is fixed in one position 3-axis machining is an excellent way to use for some components. For parts that are not very detailed or deep, 3-axis machining works well. And it is most commonly utilized to create mechanical parts and is best suited for automatic/interactive performance, milling slots, drilling pockets, cutting sharp borders. You can find out more about our machining solutions here


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MODIG is today a global leader in manufacturing premium CNC machines that are high-performance for high-performance manufacturing. Continuous innovation is key to our success. The R&D section develops our most cutting-edge technology in-house. Long-standing tradition and many years of experience are the foundation of our success.