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Aluminum machining centers

In aluminum machining, speed, precision, and accuracy are key elements. Using the knowledge gained from long experience developing and building machines, MODIG has found the perfect balance and has fine-tuned its technology to ensure efficient aluminum processing. Whether you are looking for an aluminum machining center to manufacture parts for the automotive or the aerospace industries, our solutions set the standard. 


Using our aluminum machining solutions gives our customers many advantages and provides significant productivity gains. Discover all the benefits of our extensive range of aluminum solutions. We provide machining centers for both horizontal, vertical, and inverted machining.


Aluminum Machining the MODIG Way.

Due to its machinability, high strength-to-weight ratio, electric conductivity, and recyclability, aluminum has become a popular raw material to machine and is used in an incredible number of products around the globe. MODIG meets the great demand for aluminum machining solutions by providing horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, and inverted machining centers that perfectly match machining aluminum.

Aluminum machining the MODIG way is a love story between the popular metal and our machining centers capable of turning aluminum plates, extrusions, bars, and profiles into finished components and products at high speed with the highest level of precision and accuracy. Each machine can be customized for the customer’s specific requirements and help customers reduce the cost per unit without compromising quality. Learn more about our different solutions.


Aluminum machining: The Beast of Efficiency

Are you looking for a machine capable of machining with the fastest chip removal rates in the world? Our vertical machining center RigiMill MG, often called the beast of efficiency, can remove aluminum chips at a rate of up 1000 cubic inches/min (16.4 liters/min). Learn more about the benefits of our vertical machining centers and RigiMill.


Aluminum extrusion and profile machining solutions

Our aluminum profile and extrusion machines make a significant contribution to the quality of your products and help you achieve your goals for productivity and lower production costs.

Our machines for aluminum extrusions handle extrusions full-size and complete parts in a single setup and reduce cycle times significantly. Learn more about extrusion.


Aluminum bar machining solutions

MODIG aluminum bar machining centers combine intelligent machining and automation excellence to provide exceptional opportunities to create high-quality bar parts at high production rates. Discover all benefits with our machining centers for aluminum bar machining.