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Bar Machining Centers

4-5 axis. Single or Twin-spindle. Turnkey solutions for bar machining with full automation options are available. Complete parts in one setup.

MODIG bar machining centers combine intelligent bar machining with automation excellence and provide outstanding opportunities for manufacturing high-quality bar parts with high productivity gains.


Our innovative machining solutions are designed to machine bars with unmatched speed and precision to achieve reduced cycle time and raw material savings. They manage uncut bars with unlimited length and deliver complete parts with one set up to benefit an overall manufacturing cost savings with shortened production times and less waste. Discover all the benefits with our bar machining centers.

Bar machining with significantly reduced cycle time.

Since launching our first bar machining center, we have accumulated valuable experience and knowledge to refine our technical solutions. Today we are confident our solutions can help our customers achieve significant productivity improvements with cycle time reduction by 40-70% and less waste. Read more about our case studies. 


Machine bars with reduced raw material usage

Our machining solutions for bars, feature many benefits. One of the most important is reducing raw materials by machine bars in full length without pre-cutting. As a result, customers using our HHV solution have dramatically reduced metal waste. In one example, our technology for bar machining helped reduce aluminum consumption by 35 US Tones (32.200 kg) at an aerospace part manufacturing company.

Find out more about our bar machining options and how much you can save on raw material. Please request a quote and contact our sales team to arrange a meeting today.


Bar Machining Center -MODIG HHV

Imagine feeding a 125” bar of unlimited length into a machine that rotates the bar to have access from all sides and in just one setup, machines the raw material to complete parts. This is the truth with the HVV, a machining center for horizontal bar machining with either 4- or 5-axes. Our different HHV solutions provide high-speed machining with less waste. Depending on your demands we offer solutions with single or twin spindles and with automation options available.

  • HHV2 is our single spindle bar machining solution with two rotary tables
  • HHV3 is a single spindle solution for bar machining with three rotary tables.
  • HHV DUO is available with a twin spindle and two or three rotary tables.

These three high-performance machining centers are designed to offer high production capabilities with a strong focus on quality to meet the increased demand in aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and construction industries.

Barfeeder for higher bar machining productivity

The automatic barfeeder system is available for HHV2, HHV3, or HHV DUO. It increases productivity, throughput, and overall quality and can be used when machine bars. Find out how our bar feeder can help you improve your production efficiency.