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Modig is more than our family name, it's our brand. We push for excellence.

This is Modig

Modig Machine Tool was founded in 1947 in Virserum, Sweden with a focus on building best in class machines. Modig lathes, universal drills and machining centers became well known throughout the world.  During the 1980’s, Modig started to develop high speed machining centers, and since the production of the first HSM in 1987, Modig has continuously redefined the world’s machining standards.

Today, Modig is still family owned and celebrated as one of the world’s leading companies in manufacturing premium performance machining centers. With over 11,000 machines sold worldwide, the Modig brand is a trusted partner for your business.

Some of the great events in the Modig's timeline

The World is Our Market

Modig is recognized worldwide for our innovative adaptations to meet challenging machining requirements while providing unparalleled machining accuracy. This enables our customers to achieve world-class quality – with shortened production times, leading to decreased, overall manufacturing costs. We have achieved these successes all over the world!

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Modig Sweden

In 2019, Modig Machine Tool opened its second plant in Sweden. This new facility in Kalmar is the new headquarters of Modig Machine Tool, housing offices, a workshop with assembling lines, Research & Development, and, facilities for machine demonstrations, training and customer trials. This investment in our company enables us to deliver more high technology solutions to manufacturers all over the world.

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Modig Us

Modig Machine Tool also has a new North American Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Located in Old Town, the heart of the “Air Capital of the World”, this facility will showcase the newest machines in our portfolio. Designed for training events, Modig can provide customers the latest in programming methodology, operator training, machine maintenance, and repair.  Machine demonstrations and run time validations can also be performed in the new facility, which are integral parts of our run time guarantees.

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Some of the great events in the Modig's timeline

Modig has developed many CNC-machines and fixtures during the years. Presented below, some of the great events in the Modig’s timeline:

1947 – Bröderna Modigs Mekaniska Verkstad is founded, today named Modig Machine Tool, by the brothers Harry, Sture, Erik and Arne Modig.
1950 – Lathe BSM No 1. First self-produced lathe.
1962 – Lathe HF 190. Modig received an order for 165 lathe units from the Swedish military in 1962 amongst hard competition from the global industry leaders.
1965 – Ulla Modig takes over the management of the company when her husband Harry Modig dies in a heart attack. A woman in the front position is unusual at this time.
1978 – 2nd generation of Modig, Percy Modig starts running the company.
1987 – High Speed Maching Center MD 7200. The first machining center for high speed machining is introduced to the market.
1991 – Profileline. Modig develops the profileline which becomes the most popular extrusion machine in the aircraft industry.
1999 – A new plant in Virserum is built.
2010 – HHV is developed in close cooperation with the world’s largest manufacturers.
2011 – 3rd generation of Modig, David Modig, takes over as President of the company.
2014 – Modig Machine Tool US Inc was founded
2015 – RigiMill is launched and gets a lot of attention around the world
2019 – Modig opens the second plant in Sweden. The new facility in Kalmar is the new headquarters housing offices, workshop with assembling lines, R&D, machine demonstrations. Training and customer trials.
2020 – Modig opens the new North American Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Designed for training events, machine demonstration and run time validations.