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Accuracy and stability - key features when building a machine

At MODIG we have been hand scraping since 1947 for exceptional results. Since the first generation of MODIG MACHINE TOOL we have realized the importance of having our surfaces be as flat as possible, which allows our machines to achieve tremendous results. Where the focus on building best in class machine tools has been in place since the beginning. In addition, MODIG now uses laser tracking systems through the whole assembly process. This modern technology is an important part of our assembly process. MODIG always delivers the highest precision and accuracy.

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MODIG Machine Tool Company develops, engineers, and produces premium machines for High Performance machining in leading industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and Construction Equipment. High Performance Machining Centers and Advanced Processes secure manufacturing and operational excellence through increased productivity, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and unrelenting precision.

The MODIG machine series HHV, RIGIMILL, FLEXIMILL all are designed and build with high rigidity, high dynamic stability, and precision technology modules. The common denominators that give the MODIG machines the Flexibility, Adaptability and Versatility – known as the MODIG-differentiators.

Love of machines

“One reason, of course, is a love of machines. Father and son, Percy and David Modig live and think machines. “It’s our hobby,” says David in the book. Percy’s incredibly deep knowledge can be traced back to his childhood. Every day after school he had his afternoon tea supper with his mother in the workshop office. He has driven, built, pulled apart, repaired and improved machines – all his life. And now he is communicating that knowledge to the next generation.

It is said that you need to know the technology to be able to free yourself from it, challenge it, create anew. If that is the case, it is an important explanation for Modig’s groundbreaking machinery concepts…and amazing results.

Another reason is their attitude to life. What would a family business be without its people? The Modig family is one that has been continuously characterized by strong, industrious individuals with a great sense of humor and a disposition to believe that everything is possible. Problems are things you find solutions to along the way. “

– Extract from “This is Modig” written by Helena Egerlid and Jens Fellke, Egerlid and Fellke AB, published 2014/2017. ISBN 978-91-637-7217-7.