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Automatic infeeder system for HHV2, HHV3 and HHV DUO

An automatic infeeder system improves the efficiency significantly in the production. The major advantage is that one operator can run up to five machines!

How can one operator run up to five machines?

The operator loads the infeeder with the required raw material – extrusions, bars, or plates in soft or hard metal. When the infeeder is loaded with raw material the production cell is started. The machine continues to produce parts until the infeeder is empty, then the operator re-load and start the production cell again. The machining process and total workload becomes more efficient than loading one extrusion, bar, or plate, one at each time. In this solution one operator can handle up to five machines at the same time. During the production process the operator only need to control that all the machines are running correctly and re-load the infeeder when required.

Machining automation infeeder for HHV machining center - Modig Machine Tool

An automatic in-feeder system for the MODIG HHV improves the efficiency significantly in the production.

Can handle up to 20 pieces depending on the cross-section size

The infeeder is suitable for MODIG horizontal machining centers within the HHV-line: HHV2, HHV3 or HHV DUO, and can handle up to 20 extrusions, bars, or plates, depending on the cross-section size.

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