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Advanced CNC Machining Centers: Precision and Efficiency in Manufacturing

MODIG CNC machining centers offer significant advantages to improve your productivity and remain competitive in your industry.

The introduction of the first CNC machining centers marked a fundamental shift in the industry, CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. MODIG Machine Tool is known for its technical ingenuity felt the wind of changes. MODIG followed the technology path for the future and after many years of research, we introduced our first computerized machine in 1982. Since then, MODIG has continuously redefined the standard for machining.

With the wisdom and experience we have gained and transformed into high-end technology solutions during the years; we are convinced our CNC machining centers will help you improve your productivity and lower your overall production costs. Discover MODIG CNC Machining centers providing unmatched speed and accuracy combined with intelligent automated processes.



MODIG CNC machines are ideal for leading industries, such as aerospace, automotive and heavy equipment.

Our CNC machining centers are designed to meet the growing demand for advanced machining solutions in aerospace and automotive components. Due to our long-standing experience in aerospace parts machining, we can offer machines that allow you to produce high-quality parts with reduced cycle time, high accuracy, and low cost per part. View our aerospace and automotive case studies.

Our universal machining centers optimized for extrusion and bar machining, HHV2, HHV3, and HHV Duo, are perfect for the major components of aluminum, for example battery tray cross members and frames, fenders, door beams, seat tracks and wing stringers. The extrusion and bar machining centers are available in different ranges depending on the size and length of the raw material. These machines handle uncut extrusions and bars in full length and deliver complete parts in one setup with a guarantee of 40% cycle time reduction compared to conventional processes. Watch the seat track case study. 

MODIG’s product portfolio includes machining centers specialized for battery trays and EV frames. The solutions for EV-part machining can tackle any automotive part machining, regardless of design and complexity. The MODIG RigiMill is one of the perfect solutions for heavy equipment. The RigiMill is referred as the “Beast of Efficiency” and can handle extremely high removal rates without losing quality or precision.


Our CNC Machining centers

MODIG’s CNC machining centers, available with 3-axis4-axis5-axis, or 6-axis, will allow you to benefit from competitive advantages such as reducing your cycle times, boosting your productivity, and reducing cost per part. MODIG offers horizontal-, vertical- and inverted CNC machining centers with flexible configurations for soft and hard metal. Discover the best solution suited for your business case.

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