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Vertical Milling Machines

MODIG vertical milling machines, with full automation options available, are well known for their high-chip removal rates and unmatched milling precision. These advantages allow customers to attain high quality and reduce production times, decreasing overall manufacturing costs.

Designed to produce the fastest chip removal rates without losing quality or precision, our vertical milling machines with a vertical operating spindle are at the forefront of technology. The exceptional features allow high-speed roughing and finishing in soft and hard metal.  With our flexible machines, producers of metal components will benefit from the highest accuracy for the smoothest surface quality even at full machine speed. Our vertical milling machines feature the latest technology, extreme rigidity, unmatched accuracy, a spindle speed up to 30,000 rpm, and a compact design to reduce the floor space needed. Discover our assortment of vertical milling machines and learn how they could help speed up your machining times and reduce cost per part.



Vertical Milling Machines with high chip removal rate

Our vertical milling machines have achieved a chip removal rate of 1,001 cubic inches (16.4 liters) per minute in aluminum and 55 cubic inches/min (0.9 liter/min in titanium. A high chip removal rate is significant because in metal component production time is money, and by significantly reducing the machining time, we reduce cost per part for the production components, which is a major benefit for our customers.  Discover more about our vertical milling machines RigiMill MG and RigiMill MT.

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MODIG is a Swedish family-owned company with a passion for machines, with long traditions.  The company develops and manufactures high-performance machining centers helping customers increase their productivity. MODIG also offers after-sales support and complete automation solutions.