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Universal Machining Centers

MODIG universal machining centers provide high productivity gains. Designed to meet the highest possible levels of speed, accuracy, and quality, our universal machining centers have a production rate comparable to up to five conventional machines, allowing manufacturers to produce more parts with fewer machines. It also provides substantial environmental benefits because one machine replacing up to five machines results in lower electricity consumption and reduced waste material.

With a guaranteed cycle time reduction of 40%, our universal machines provide the perfect solution for limited production runs or high-volume production. MODIG has solutions for machining in aluminum and composite.

MODIG universal machining centers provide faster machining time and high precision while finishing parts in one setup. Another advantage is the small footprint. While many multitasking machines require a lot of floor space, our machines are designed to save valuable production space, maximizing productivity without expanding the production area.



MODIG Universal Machining Centers

Discover our universal machining centers and find the solution that best suits your business case and specific requirements. We offer universal machining centers with 4-axis or 5-axis, two or three rotary tables, and, single or twin spindles with full automation options available.

Benefits of MODIG Universal Machining Centers


MODIG universal machining centers are designed for extrusion or bar machining, and can machine both aluminum and composite components in one single operation or setting.

High productivity gains

The machine’s high production rate and its high level of accuracy and precision result in increased productivity gains. MODIG guarantee a cycle time reduction of 40-70% with our universal machining centers.

Less Raw material

No pre-cutting is required with the MODIG universal machining centers. Our universal machines handle uncut extrusions and bars and benefit from producing many parts from the same piece of raw material. The result is a dramatic decrease in the use of raw materials.

Small footprint 

The MODIG machine portfolio of universal machining centers are designed to have a small footprint and save valuable production space. Excellent automation opportunities.


Due to our universal machine’s acceleration, ability to work at full speed, and its automated processes, they are 40-70% faster than competing standard machines.

Customers who use our universal machines benefit from processing with the highest accuracy at high speed without compromising on quality.


Universal machining centers for aerospace components

MODIG has a long tradition of providing the world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturers with machines boosting their productivity. Our universal machining centers are no exception. In today’s aerospace industry landscape where, zero defects rates, reduced lead times, and lower part costs are the norms, MODIG universal machining centers have been a success during the years. Typical aerospace components produced in these machines are:

  • Clip
  • Wing spar
  • Wing stringer
  • Seat track
  • Floor beam

Universal machining centers for EV-parts machining

High-precision components are required for today’s and future automotive and electric vehicles. They must be produced with short lead times, be fully interchangeable, and can be assembled by robotics. The MODIG universal machining centers are ideal for these complex parts, providing repeatability and a fast production rate.

Aluminum extrusion is used to machine many components of modern electric vehicles, including door beams, fenders, and battery cases. Our universal machining center range is optimized for extrusion and bar machining and meets the demands for short cycle times and high productivity from EV manufacturers.  


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MODIG is today a global leader in manufacturing premium CNC machines that are high-performance for high-performance manufacturing. Continuous innovation is key to our success. The R&D section develops our most cutting-edge technology in-house. Long-standing tradition and many years of experience are the foundation of our success.