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Twin-spindle machining centers

4 or 5 -axis. Two spindles for higher output. Turnkey solutions for horizontal or inverted machining. Full automation options available. 

MODIG twin-spindle machining centers are equipped with two spindles, reducing machining time per part by approximately 50% compared with standard three and four-axis machining.

Our twin-spindle machines offer high-speed, high-quality machining and are well-suited for high levels in complexity, large volumes, quick lead times, and high production runs. The throughput of our twin-spindle machining centers is between 1,5-1.7 times faster than that of a single machine. Find the twin-spindle machine most suitable for you.


What is a twin-spindle machining center?

A twin spindle machining center is equipped with twin spindles, two spindles processing joined or independent allowing for producing with a higher throughput providing a higher production rate capabilities than single spindle machines.

  • Reduced cycle times
  • Increased efficiency,
  • Reduce production costs
  • Maximum productivity.

When is a twin-spindle machining center needed?

A twin spindle machining center is needed in industries signified for an increased need for higher output. With two spindles these machining centers are best suited for small complex parts being produced in large volumes. 

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Modig Machine Tools is recognized as one of the most respected companies in high-speed machining technology. MODIG engineers develop and produce high-performance machines for high-performance machine machining in various industries, including aerospace, automotive energy, medical, space, construction, heavy equipment, and transportation.