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Titanium Machining Centers

Titanium machining with MODIG horizontal, vertical, and inverted machining centers. Single spindle, twin spindle, or multi-spindle. Available with full automation options. 

Titanium machining is common in the aerospace industry. Titanium components weight less and are used to achieve fuel-efficiency and lighter planes. Titanium’s superior weight/hardness, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance are key factors in choosing it over other materials.


How can you make titanium machining more efficient?

MODIG has a long tradition of providing premium, high-tech machines to the aerospace industry.  We have developed innovative solutions to manage vibration dumping and structural stability in close collaboration with our customers. The result is cost-effective titanium machining without sacrificing quality. MODIG delivers solutions equipped with the latest technology to strengthen your business case. Discover our high-speed titanium machining centers to achieve the highest level of accuracy, allowing you to make titanium machining more efficient.