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Winner in the category for Manufacturing Industry    

Yesterday we received the announcement that David Modig is the winner of the European CEO Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 Awards in the category for Manufacturing Industry in Western Europe. The European CEO Awards bring together companies pushing the envelope in business, and the executives that make this progress possible. Read the statement from James Watson, Manager of the European CEO Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards 2021:

As the Manager and custodian of the European CEO Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards since their inception in 2015 I am hugely proud and honored that for the first time Mr. David Modig can be added to the honorary list of winners.

European CEO awards celebrate & recognize those unique individuals who are vital to every country & economy, and we are very happy to therefor recognize and celebrate Mr. David Modig’s obvious qualities of leadership, vision, knowledge, experience, and skill that help make these awards what they are.

The judging panel feel that Mr. Modig represents the very best that the business world has to offer, not only in his ability to lead and clearly communicate to his team his vision, ethos, and the way forward for his company whether that is on a national or international basis.

He has proven that he has that priceless ability of being able to create real value not only for his clients, but also stakeholders, and his employees.

The judging panel were also impressed not only with the depth of Mr. Modig’s answers to their questionnaire, but also by the feedback he received from his fellow CEO’s across Europe, who used words such as principled, character, and knowledge.  When you consider the quality of the other nominees for this award such as Dr Christian Walti representing the Starrag Group, Mr. Raul Morales of Soltec Trackers, and Mr. Jacques Sanche from Bucher Industries AG, Mr. Modig’s success is very impressive!

There is a saying that the judging panel feel perfectly describes how they view Mr. Modig,

”Great leaders in the way they work inspire everybody”.

Pride is a word whether it be for a person or an organization that is not spoken enough, however as the custodian of these awards I can say that I have a real sense of pride in Mr. Modig, not only in the way he has & continues to conduct himself, but also in his much warranted success and reputation that he has rightly earned from the business community, and these awards as far as I and the judging panel are concerned simply reflect and confirms this.

Once again I and the judging panel would like to share our congratulations to Mr. David Modig on his award win and wish him continued success for the future”.

-James Watson, Manager European CEO Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2021

The complete list of awards winners will be published on

Modig Machine Tool – June 16, 2021