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The machining REVOLUTION has begun!

The next generation of machining is proudly brought to you by MODIG Machine Tool of Sweden.

22nd Century Technology – Dynamic Design

The industry has been waiting for the next shift in performance! We have been designing this patent pending machine for years and are just weeks from it’s Global release. In February, the first pictures will be shown.

We are really excited about this and are truly looking forward to sharing this MODIG Technology with you all!

David Modig & Keith Lopez

MODIG High Performance Machining Centers and Advanced Processes secure manufacturing and operational excellence through increased productivity, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and unrelenting precision.


MODIG Machine Tool was founded in 1947 in Virserum, Sweden with a focus on building best in class machines. We develop, engineer, and produce premium machines for high performance machining in soft- and hard metal, in leading industries including aerospace, automotive, energy and construction equipment. Every machine delivered by MODIG is designed and built with high rigidity, high dynamic stability, and precision technology modules. The common denominators that give the MODIG machines the flexibility, adaptability, and versatility – known as the MODIG-differentiators. Our machines are optimized for companies with a need for best-in-class technology and speed.

Tomorrow’s Technology today

From the very beginning MODIG has continuously redefined the world´s machining standard. With technical ingenuity in our DNA and the ability to absorb customer needs, we can make the impossible possible and create products that define the latest-technology industry standard. In other words, MODIG is innovation!

Let us take control of your machining times

By working with an approach meaning everything is possible we produce machining solutions that enhance our customers’ stringent demands. With unique solutions, flexible configurations, and a focus on quality, MODIG lets you take control of your machining times. If you buy a machine from MODIG, you will not just receive a machine, you will receive a machine with fast production time, consistent precision, and high cost-effectiveness.

Modig Machine Tool – February 3, 2021