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Earlier this year Gil-Mar Manufacturing got their first MODIG solution delivered, and MODIG are enthusiastic about partnering with Gil-Mar for their electric vehicle components production.

The partnership with MODIG solutions includes increased productivity and substantial cost-effectiveness for manufacturing EV components. Through in-dept research and time studies, MODIG has proven a successful business case for Gil-Mar with the HHV-line. David Modig, President Modig Machine Tool, and Marc Schins, Executive Director – Advanced Sales & Marketing, Gil-Mar Manufacturing, signed an agreement where Gil-Mar will use the MODIG Technology for their electric vehicle components production with a number of MODIG solutions to be delivered.

“Gil-Mar is an important player in the automotive sector, and we are honored to be a part of their journey towards the electric vehicle market.” David Modig, President Modig Machine Tool

We have talked with Marc Schins, Executive Director – Advanced Sales & Marketing, Gil-Mar Manufacturing about the MODIG solutions.


Gil-Mar chose Modig because they offered a flexible solution for machining complex aluminum extrusions. In our interviews with existing customers, they were very complimentary of how the machine worked, and what support Modig gave to help with any issues.

David Modig, Keith Lopez, Marc Schins - HHV extrusion machining

In the picture from the left; David Modig (President, Modig Machine Tool), Marc Schins (Executive Director – Advanced Sales & Marketing, Gil-Mar Manufacturing), Keith Lopez (President North America, Modig Machine Tool US Inc.).


They offer quick change over times, which allows for greater OEE, and simplicity. The fast cycle times allow our equipment investment to be lower than it would be with “traditional” machines. The machine also reduces Work In Progress (WIP) by producing finished parts from an extrusion.

Modig HHV extrusion machining


Gil-Mar Manufacturing, with headquarters in Metro Detroit USA, has been providing innovative solutions to their customers’ challenges since 1982. A leading supplier for the automotive industri for decades, deploying quality and program management systems that ensure delivery of zero-defect parts on time, on budget and on specification. With cutting-edge technology, expert staff, and state-of-the-art facilities, they excel at the design, development and manufacturing of cost-saving, safety-critical components.

Gil-Mar continually invests in their quality processes and defect reduction, ensuring nothing but the best precision-machined parts come off their lines, which makes MODIG honored to be chosen as a machine tool supplier to uphold Gil-Mar’s standards.

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