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New video release – HHV Case Study: Link, Commercial Aircraft

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With only one set up, no dedicated tooling or preparation necessary, the HHV provides a systematically lean method for production. The machine’s minimalistic approach to machining allows for benefits of both high production and unique specialized production runs.

The HHV is a universal machining center for bar and extrusion components. Modig’s machining process allows the manufacturing of complete parts in one set up with horizontal machining. Pre- trimming raw material to specific lengths has become obsolete with the Modig technology. The HHV automatically pulls the uncut bars or extrusions into position for machining and delivers a finished part into a part catcher. The portability of the HHV makes multiple machine setup an unnecessary obstacle of the past. With reduced set up time, no work holding fixtures, and a significant reduction in cycle time, let the Modig machine tools take you into the future.

Modig Machine Tool – March 30, 2020