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We are excited to present Mitcham Machine Tools Inc. as a Modig distributor!

Mitcham Machine Tools Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario, has worked diligently to introduce high quality, high performance machine tools to the aero engine suppliers in Canada and have been very successful at this task. Now, they are turning their focus to include aero structures where MODIG is enthusiastic to begin our partnership of productive solutions for aero structures. Mitcham Machine Tools Inc. has their own service group consisting of certified factory trained service engineers and believe in the importance of understanding the current and emerging machine tool technology. Together we will offer the best solutions for the aircraft industry in Canada, as well for, all other industries: electric vehicles, transportation, heavy industries, naval and more.

Welcome to the Modig family!

“Over the last 10 years there has been a focused effort to bring a new platform of performance and manufacturing excellence to our customers.  When people look at our product line and performance, they will understand the Modig advantage.  Keith has a long history in aerospace from his years at Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems.  This has given us an increased understanding of what the end customer is looking for and how to improve our customer satisfaction.  We are so excited about this new chapter for Modig Machine Tool in Canada.” – David Modig, President

“The world is evolving and in need of an interactive relationship where the OEM can quickly adapt or provide the end user what they truly need. Mitcham and Modig both have that desire to give the customer the right solution. We are so enthusiastic about this partnership and the potential markets in Canada.” – Keith Lopez, President North America

Contact information:


22 Guernsey Dr.
Toronto, ON  M9C 3A6

Phone: +1 416 458 7994

Exclusive distributor for the following provinces: Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, The Maritimes