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Increased demand of high performance machining centers

MODIG Machine Tool welcomes M.L. Anderson to the MODIG team

M.L. Anderson is going to be joining us as the interim COO in Kalmar, Sweden, to help our factory prepare for the increase in demand that we are starting to see take place right now.

Welcome to the team!

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MODIG MACHINE TOOL develops, engineers, and produces premium machines for High Performance machining in leading industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and Construction Equipment. MODIG High Performance Machining Centers and Advanced Processes secure manufacturing and operational excellence through increased productivity, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and unrelenting precision.

MODIG Machine Tool was founded in 1947 in Virserum, Sweden with a focus on building best in class machines. The MODIG machine series all are designed and build with high rigidity, high dynamic stability, and precision technology modules. The common denominators that give the MODIG machines the Flexibility, Adaptability and Versatility – known as the MODIG-differentiators.

Modig Machine Tool – January 13, 2021