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MODIG - HHV DUO: Certain applications require extreme output


MODIG is the go-to company for extrusion machining since 1988 and with more than 30 years of experience – we are confident in how to build the best-in-class extrusion machines.

Over the years we have made over 30,000 time-studies and surveys of different extrusion component types and got awarded for the HHV machine design. Now it is time to release our first HHV with two spindles.

The last year we have seen the automotive industry’s desire to upgrade the existing machining capabilities to receive a higher throughput. With the new HHV DUO the throughput would be between 1,5-1,7 times faster than with the single spindle HHV. Our advanced and innovative machine tool portfolio can tackle any automotive part machining, regardless of design and complexity. The MODIG Technology provide machining solutions to a substantial production with cost savings and consistent part accuracy.

News to the HHV series

MODIG releases a new HHV with two spindles for the increased need for a higher output in the automotive industry. The HHV DUO is a 2 x 4-axis horizontal machining center with two or three rotary tables with options for larger rotary tables for bigger and heavier extrusions. With 30,000 rpm spindle speed in each spindle and 2,400”/min (60 m/min) feed rates in X/Y/Z/U, the HHV DUO provides outstanding production rate capabilities and completed parts in one setup.

  • 2 x 4-axis horizontal machining center
  • 2 or 3 rotary tables with options for larger rotary tables
  • Throughput is between 1,5-1,7 times faster than the single spindle HHV
  • Complete parts in one setup
  • Low cost fixturing
  • Guaranteed 40-70% cycle time reduction

2-axis saw – new option available for end-work

A new option for the HHV series is also a 2-axis saw for end-work. A saw can be mounted on one of the rotary tables operated with one or two axes from the main CNC control. With a rotating axis on the saw there is a possibility to cut compound angles by using the rotation of the rotary axis in combination.

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