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Machining solutions for electric vehicle manufacturing

MODIG is the go-to machine builder and process provider for aluminum extrusions since 1988. We offer machining solutions that value-added aluminum producers and automotive part manufacturers are looking for. Those with a desire to upgrade the existing machining capabilities by switching over to MODIG and/or build new facilities to set the stage to acquire full-fledged, autonomous MODIG machining cells and processes.


Our advanced and innovative machine tool portfolio can tackle any automotive part machining, regardless of design and complexity. For battery enclosures our HHV solutions are highly suited to ensure substantial production with productivity increases, production cost savings and consistent part accuracy. We guarantee 40% plus cycle time reductions over conventional machine tools.

Solutions ideal for the EV-market

MODIG’s technology is ideal for manufacturing parts and components for electric vehicles and offers high-performance solutions. Raw material is fed through our 5-axes cells and machined with 30,000 RPM spindle speed with one-part clamping. The desired part configurations are finish-machined typically within seconds or single-digit minutes and then exit the cells automatically.

MODIG have solutions for producing parts as brakes, rims, pumps, suspension, steering components, sill, engine bracket, subframe, engine carrier, battery tray with high production rate capabilities and completed parts in one setup.

MODIG Technology:
HHV 2 – A horizontal machining center with two rotary tables for extrusions. Complete parts in one setup.

HHV 3 – A horizontal machining center with three rotary tables for extrusions. Complete parts in one setup.

HHV DUO – 2 x 4-axis horizontal machining center with a throughput between 1,5-1,7 times faster than the single spindle machine.

XM-LINE – Next-generation 5-axis vertical extrusion machine. For larger, heavier extrusion parts and components.

EVM-2 – A duo-spindle machine for battery trays and frames for electric vehicles, machining in one setup.

IM MACHINE SERIES  – Worlds’ first inverted machining center with optimized chip handling and extreme fast cut-to-cut times. Available in different versions: single spindle, single-spindle with a mill-turning, and with multi-spindles.

It is time to upgrade your EV manufacturing with MODIG-technology

It is time to upgrade your manufacturing with MODIG-technology for producing battery compartments-trays-cages, that consist of mostly extrusions and plates, forming cells, bottoms, side rails, covers in a variety of shapes and elevated quantities. Typically made of aluminum grades 3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX, 7XXX where part machining must be done with speed, accuracy and cost-effectively.

Depending on part volumes, sizes, shapes or part throughput, our customers can choose single or multi-spindle designs as well as standard or special spindle tables and tool storage.

The MODIG technology provides:

  • Solutions with single, two or four spindles
  • 4- or 5 axis machining
  • High production capabilities
  • Complete parts in one setup
  • ROI typically 14-18 months
  • Low Cost of Ownership

EV manufacturers enjoys the benefits with the MODIG Technology

MODIG’s automotive customers enjoy the value multipliers our innovative machines and machining processes inherently offer vis-à-vis Lean and Green manufacturing:

  • Reducing machining time, operating cost, energy and labor cost
  • Improving machine uptime, process speed and process repeatability
  • Increasing production productivity, flexibility and adaptability.

The sum of the MODIG machine/process values translate into our customers’ benefits of fast Return on Investment (typically 14-18 months), Low Cost of Ownership and Secured Production Competitiveness.