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How MODIG Improves Productivity

Productivity can’t be narrowed down to a single area, it’s a result of your entire operation functioning at a high level. Here’s a few examples of the different ways that MODIG can improve productivity.


Many of our machining centers can be used for several tasks, both high-speed roughing and finishing, for example. This often means that you can produce more completed components with a single unit, more quickly than you could with multiple conventional machines. On top of that, our machining centers deliver excellent uptime rates (for example the HHV). With increased output relative to time and resources, the result is typically an impressive ROI.

4-axis milling machine

4-axis milling machine


Since the 1980s, MODIG has been celebrated for its high-speed machining equipment. The latest high-point might be the world record for chip removal, set by our RigiMill MG at an astounding 1,001 cubic inches per minute. Producing precise results at extraordinary speeds effectively means that a single MODIG machining center can match the output
of multiple slower machines: a serious benefit in terms of capital outlay and running costs.

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With our HHV line, raw material doesn’t have to be cut into specific lengths. Instead, uncut bars or extrusions can be automatically pulled into position, and several part programs can be done on the same piece. The result is often a surprisingly dramatic reduction in raw material use: one MODIG customer that manufactures aluminum aircraft parts managed to reduce their annual wastage by over 35 US tons (32,200 kg) when they switched to an HHV machining center.


MODIG’s automation equipment can deliver a significant reduction in staffing needs. For example, the automatic loading system for our horizontal machining centers means that a single operator can oversee four or five machines. We take an innovative approach to automation and robotics, leading to developments like the overhead loading for our inverted machines, and the world’s largest pallet system. These developments help reduce staffing demands when machining parts, letting you reallocate personnel to more labor-intensive tasks.

MODIG machine tool automation solutions for your machining center. Robotic machine loading. Overhead loading system. Bar feeder. Pallet system. Complete production cells for workpiece handling- from one single source


The MODIG portfolio contains a variety of solutions that meet demanding floorspace requirements. The IM range, for example, offers an overhead loading system which allows multiple machines to be placed side by side in a relatively small area. The RigiMill is available with a moving gantry system making it surprisingly compact in comparison to multi-spindle machines. It can also be extended along the X-axis if your needs change.



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