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Vertical Machining Centers, High Chip Removal Rates

RigiMill Moving Table [MT] - inside the tunnel - Vertical Machining Center

Is your next turnkey solution for vertical machining a MODIG? MODIG offers vertical machining centers with extraordinary speed and unmatched precision, allowing you to achieve top-quality while reducing manufacturing time and lowering overall manufacturing costs. Discover how MODIG´s vertical machining solutions can boost your production with record-breaking chip removal and short cycle times.



MODIG is proud of its vertical machining centers that hold chip removal rates up to 55 cubic inches/min (0.9 liter/min) in titanium and 1,001 cubic inches/min (16.4 liters/min) in aluminum.

These machines deliver a unique combination of strength and speed. With spindle speed up to 30 000 rpm and feed rates up to 2,800”/min (70 m/min) with an acceleration of 26 ft/square second (8 m/square seconds).

Incredible rigidity is the key to these machines’ outstanding performance. Its compact monolithic cast-iron bridge provides the most exceptional rigidity at the spindle to efficiently deal with the most challenging cutting force and safeguard an excellent surface quality.

More Benefits for vertical machining centers

Accuracy As the RigiMill is free from sliding Ram axis, its spindle, being in constant over-hang from the moving cross-rail, benefits of the highest accuracy for the smoothest surface quality even at full machine speed.

Technology MODIG’S vertical machining centers are at the cutting edge of technology. Tailored for each customer’s need for high productivity and designed to reduce the cost per part without compromising the quality.

Verticality It is often forgotten that the benefit of better chip evacuation through horizontal spindle solutions comes at the expense of superior mechanical behavior. A mechanical structure will always be more balanced and stable in an axis vertical to the work-piece and parallel to the gravitational force.

Flexible MODIG’s vertical machining centers are well suited for both soft and hard metal machining thanks to the incomparable compactness and remarkable agility. The exceptional features allow high-speed roughing and finishing for the greatest machining flexibility and profitability.

Cost-efficient MODIG’s palletized RigiMill cell, when compared to any palletized horizontal machining center solution, provides a more affordable strategic investment with a faster ROI.

Reduced footprint The compact design of the machines reduces the floor space needed, which is a significant advantage.


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