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Single Spindle Machining Centers

4, 5 or 6-axis. Single spindle. Horizontal, vertical, or inverted. Full automation options available.

MODIG Single Spindle Machining Centers give a competitive edge in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, space, and transportation. Our horizontal, vertical, and inverted machining centers equipped with a single spindle are designed for machining soft and hard metal with high speed at the highest possible level of precision and accuracy. Our single spindle machining centers will provide reduced cycle times, operating costs and less waste without forfeiting the quality. 

MODIG has a long tradition of developing and manufacturing innovative single spindle machining centers and we have learned to address our customer’s core challenges in their production. We configure each machine to fit your special needs to achieve a higher productivity. Learn more about our single spindle machining centers.


What is a single-spindle machining center?

A single-spindle machining center, by definition, is one with only one spindle. They are most used for smaller volumes. Single-spindle models are cheaper and better suited for smaller operations. However, for larger processes and large-volume projects, they can be less competitive. But there are, of course, exceptions.

MODIG provides single spindle machines with cycle time reduction generally 40% over multi-spindle machines – per part! Read more about our innovative solutions.


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MODIG Machine Tool designs, engineers, and manufactures premium machining solutions that are highly efficient in a variety of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Extrusion, Medical, Construction, and Heavy Equipment. Learn more about MODIG