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Horizontal milling machines

MODIG horizontal milling machines featuring best-in-class technology and performance that can help you achieve the highest level of efficiency and quality in your production. Our horizontal milling machines are equipped with one or two horizontal oriented spindles and are among the fastest available on the market, with significant cycle time reductions. These are results from the valuable knowledge and skills we have gained during our long tradition in manufacturing machine tools. Today, our horizontal milling machines are 40-70% faster than competing standard milling machines based on numerous case studies and time studies. We provide solutions capable of milling with the highest precision and accuracy in both soft and hard metals. Every machine is built on a cast iron base to ensure high-speed milling with high accuracy to secure the quality of the machined part. Discover our horizontal milling machines designed for a small footprint and find out how each milling machine model could help you ensure your desired machining times.


MODIG is a world leader in the production of premium horizontal milling machines. These machines are designed for high-performance manufacturing. Our success depends on our ability to innovate continuously. The R&D department develops the most advanced technology in-house. Our success is built upon a long-standing tradition and years of combined experience.