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Aluminum Profile Machining Centers: Elevating Precision and Efficiency

Welcome to our world of innovation in aluminum profile machining centers. Explore cutting-edge technology designed to redefine precision, efficiency, and excellence in every operation. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with our state-of-the-art solutions tailored for superior results.

Available with 4- or 5- axis machining, single or multi-spindle. MODIG aluminum profile machining centers guarantee 40% cycle time reduction, high production rate capabilities and material waste reduction. The aluminum profiles are machined in one setup with full automation options available. MODIG Machine Tool has a long tradition of developing and manufacturing machine tools suitable for machining aluminum profiles. Profiles that globally are used for windows, doors, electronics, transport, and thousands of product areas in between. The experience and knowledge we have gained over the years have contributed to our success in constructing machines that meet the highest standards for aluminum profiles. Suitable for limited production runs and high-volume production. The MODIG Technology features high precision and speed, and a return on investment of 11-13 months. Discover more about our HHV-machining solutions, well suited for aluminum profile machining.


Aluminum Extrusion

MODIG has been a pioneer in manufacturing extrusion machines for aluminum. Each extrusion machine we provide makes a significant difference to product quality and will help you reduce production costs and achieve your desired level of productivity. Learn more about extrusion and read about our machines for aluminum extrusions that handle extrusions in full size, complete parts in one setup, and reduce cycle time significantly.


Machine aluminum profiles with guaranteed 40% cycle time reduction.

MODIG HHV aluminum profile machining center opens new doors. You can now produce aluminum profiles in one setup and have a significantly reduced cycle time. We guarantee a 40% reduction in cycle time with HHV2, HHV3, and HHV DUO. At the process design stage, your machining cycle times are 50% shorter than in conventional processes. This also means you’ll get better than 95% machine uptime

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Infeeder for MODIG aluminum profile machining center

The automatic barfeeder system available for HHV2, HHV3 and HHV3 increases productivity, throughput and quality. It can be used for profiles, extrusions, bars, and plates. Learn more about our bar feeder and how it can help you achieve a higher level of production efficiency.

Automation solutions