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4-axis milling

4-axis milling machines. Multi-spindle, twin-spindle, or single-spindle milling machines. We provide turnkey solutions for vertical, horizontal, and inverted milling with full automation options available—everything you need to gain high productivity.  The 4-axis milling development has opened the door to high-precision milling. It offers greater precision and accuracy than traditional CNC milling machines that use 3-axis technology. Many parts and components manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive industries and other areas have switched to 4-axis milling machines to produce complex designs. This upgrade can increase productivity and save you both time and money. What does 4-axis milling mean? And what is the difference between 5-axis and 3-axis milling, respectively? We’ll explain everything you need to know about 4-axis and outline the MODIG 4-axis milling solutions.


4-axis Horizontal Milling Machines

MODIG 4-axis milling solutions use the latest industry standards and provide competitive advantages. Our inverted, vertical, and horizontal 4-axis milling machines increase your machining capabilities by allowing you to create complex parts and components in one machine. Please find out more about our milling machines with a 4-axis option.

What is a 4-axis milling machine?

The 4-axis milling machine is versatile and can do many operations with ease. 4-axis machining is more efficient than traditional 3-axis CNC milling machines and allows for complex drilling and milling. A 3-axis milling machine can only move the spindle along three linear axes (X, Y, and Z). The 4-axis milling machine, on the other hand, can rotate on one axis, allowing for more complex operations within one setup. The 4-axis allows rotation on the horizontal axis. It also allows the workpiece’s rotation during machining. Meaning you can machine all four sides of the part with one fixture.

Advantages of 4-axis milling machines

4-axis milling machines have many advantages over traditional 3-axis mills. Due to their rotation on one horizontal axis, 4-axis milling machines can mill multiple faces in one setup. They are also able to complete more complex parts with high precision. A 4-axis milling machine will provide better uptime, reduce stops for manual turning and fixturing, and speed up the cycle times. Our 4-axis machines provide a competitive advantage in various industries.


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MODIG designs, engineers and manufactures premium milling machines for high-performance metal machining.