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RigiMill MT with automatic pallet system, pallet mover and buffer station

Video released of the RigiMill Moving Table, a vertical machining center that provides the highest quality in precision and rigidity. Chip removal rates up to 55 cubic inches/min (0.9 liter) in titanium and 1,000 cubic inches/min (16.4 liters) in aluminum.

The RigiMill Moving Table (MT) is the fixed-gantry plus moving table design, with identical bridge structure as the RigiMill Moving Gantry (MG). RigiMill MT is equally as compact as the RigiMill MG but requires less floor space. Its working envelope is suitable for shorter parts, up to 240” (6,000 mm) long. When offered with Modig standard pallet system, it has an impressive minimum foot print within a fully automatic palletized cell.

The RigiMill MT design includes a complete machine housing where the parts are processed into a fully covered working zone. RigiMill MT is available in three sizes 80” (2,000 mm), 160” (4,000 mm) or 240” (6,000 mm).

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