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Turning the machine world upside down with inverted machining

As the world’s first inverted machining centers, MODIG’s IM machine series sets new standards in productivity, precision, and speed by processing from below. This inspired innovation delivers outstanding machining performance by addressing two key areas: chip handling and stability.

It’s an eternal issue in machining – when chips aren’t efficiently cleared from the working area, productivity is impacted, surface quality is compromised, and safety risks can arise. By flipping the geometry, the IM range lets gravity take care of chip clearing, drastically reducing the need for production stoppages, and ultimately boosting throughput and productivity.

Through years of simulation and development, MODIG’s engineers have devised a stable inverted machining center with a cast iron base: this rigidity lets the tools work with absolute precision.

It’s a machining solution for industries that work with large volumes, quick lead times, and high complexity, so it’s especially well-suited to the aerospace, automotive, and firearms industries, as well as any other operation that demands optimal productivity and accuracy.

Inverted machining center single spindle mill-turn

MODIG proudly present the IM range: customized inverted machining centers with a wide range of design options and features, including

  •  High-torque and
    high-power options
  • 4- or 5- axis
  • Inverted trunnion tables in multiple sizes
  • Optional mill-turn
  • Automation options including pallet system and overhead loading
  • Suitable for cast iron, die casting, aluminum,
    titanium, composite, and steel

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E-magazine: Produktion: ROXX Communication Group, Publisher: Modig Machine Tool. Project manager: Micael Lindgren. Text: Brian Cloughley. Photo: Modig Machine Tool/Studio Rosenfors/Lindsberg Media.