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The quest for genuine productivity

MODIG’s machining centers offer extremely short cycle times and remove chips at a record rate, but even so, we encourage our customers to look beyond this and think about the big picture. And in manufacturing and machining, the big picture is normally best understood by thinking in terms of productivity.

Productivity is ultimately the ratio of output to input. While there’s always a temptation to get hung up on individual variables – the sticker price of machining centers, the chip removal rate, cycle times – it’s important not to forget that these are just contributing factors. The bottom line is the relationship between the amount of components that you produce, and the resources you use to produce them.

This is where MODIG’s machining centers excel. By adding smart automation equipment to customized machining centers that are fast, precise, and versatile, you can have a comprehensive machining solution that delivers genuine productivity

Components made on MODIG machines

Components made on MODIG machines

From Land to Air

Accuracy and productivity are vital for electric vehicle and aircraft components, as well as for heavy industry parts and sports equipment. The pictured components were machined with MODIG equipment from aluminum, steel, cast iron and bar metal.


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E-magazine: Produktion: ROXX Communication Group, Publisher: Modig Machine Tool. Project manager: Micael Lindgren. Text: Brian Cloughley. Photo: Modig Machine Tool/Studio Rosenfors/Lindsberg Media.