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New Horizons, New Markets, New Opportunities

MODIG has taken a bold step forward in 2021, with developments on both sides of the Atlantic that will help them to secure and fulfill orders. It’s the culmination of a process that began in 2014, when Modig Machine Tool US Inc. was established.

For decades, MODIG has been a trusted partner to a select group of American manufacturers, and launching the company was a way of building on that success and further establishing MODIG in the US market. The opening of their North American Headquarters is a continuation of this strategy. At the same time, MODIG’s manufacturing base has expanded to meet growing demand.

In 2019, the headquarters were moved to Kalmar from the company’s historic home in Virserum, and extensions have
been built to increase its capacity in the years since.

This two-pronged approach has put MODIG into an exciting position, with a site in Wichita to showcase their remarkable product line, and peerless expertise and facilities back in Sweden to do the heavy lifting.

MODIG Machine Tool's headquarters in Kalmar, Sweden

MODIG Machine Tool’s headquarters in Kalmar, Sweden

MODIG´S ever expanding Kalmar home

In 2019, after 72 happy years in Virserum, MODIGS’s headquarters moved 50 miles southeast to a modern purpose-built facility in Kalmar. The new site was deliberately installed in a location where expansion would be possible, but even the most optimistic observer would have been surprised at what happened next. Work began on extending the production area in September 2021…the second expansion in two years!

“We still have some facilities in Virserum, but as time went on it just became more practical to be based here in Kalmar,” explains David Modig, “and demand for our machinery has meant that we’ve kept on growing.”

In the past, overseas guests had been charmed by the journey through Swedish forests to reach the small, welcoming town of Virserum. David and his team extend the same warm hospitality to visitors to Kalmar, but with the added benefits of far better transport links and facilities.

The Swedish Headquarters contain offices, research and development resources, and facilities for demonstrations, trials and training. As always, though, the heart of modig lies in its workshop, and with the addition of 100,000 square feet (9,000 square meters) it will soon be a more big-hearted company than ever.

MODIG's new North American Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas

Our new North American Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas

Putting down roots in the Sunflower State

With MODIG’s longstanding links to the aerospace industry, it’s appropriate that the “Air Capital of the World” is the location for their new North American Headquarters. Wichita, Kansas remains a major center for American aircraft manufacturing, and that’s one reason why MODIG chose its historic Old Town as its US home. The company’s aims, however, go beyond serving the aerospace giants in the area. Machine demonstrations and run-time validations will be conducted at the new site, giving representatives from all industries the opportunity to see MODIG equipment at work.

“People get a different perspective about our machines when they sees them in person,” explains company president David Modig. “These are strong, cast iron pieces of equipment and people can’t help but be impressed when they see them in action.”

North America President Keith Lopez agrees that the new site will give MODIG a platform to prove the speed and precision of their machining centers. “It’s an all-encompassing facility,” says Keith. “We have machines there for demo purposes, and it also lets us do real time-studied performance reviews for potential customers. We often have businesses tell us that they want to buy our equipment, but they need to really believe that it will deliver the time savings that we promise. At the new headquarters, we’ll be able to program the part, run the part, and show them first-hand how effective our machining centers are.

Reinforcement in the MODIG US team! We welcome Sarah Garrison!

Sarah Garrison and Keith Lopez.

“We take care of our customers as if they are family and the whole look and feel of the building makes people relaxed. It’s a business environment, of course, but it doesn’t feel pushy or sales-driven. We want to entertain people, and for everyone to feel comfortable here.”

This atmosphere should make the North American Headquarters an excellent venue for open house events and demonstrations, as well as helping to maintain the family spirit that’s been at the heart of Modig Machine Tool for 75 years.

The site will also provide operator training, machine maintenance and repair, and stock key spare parts.

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E-magazine: Produktion: ROXX Communication Group, Publisher: Modig Machine Tool. Project manager: Micael Lindgren. Text: Brian Cloughley. Photo: Modig Machine Tool/Studio Rosenfors/Lindsberg Media.