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The beauty of people's mind

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Meet Keith Lopez, President Modig Machine Tool US

“Hi, everyone, I’m Keith Lopez, the president for North America Modig Machine Tool of Sweden, it’s nice to meet all of you that I haven’t had a chance to meet in person. I joined Modig four years ago, after 20 years in the aerospace industry and there was three major sectors of my career in aerospace. One was supply chain. One was machine fabrication, and the other was operations or major assembly. And over those years, I was able to meet and visit a lot of suppliers and machine shops over the years. And actually, it was interesting to see the commonality between suppliers all around the globe.

How have these experiences inspired your work at MODIG?

When I stop and think about how those years have helped me at Modig , there’s definitely a link between the two. As I’ve seen, over the years, you know, I’ve watched people around the globe face the same challenges. And you see the beauty of people’s minds as they make the very most of what they have to be productive and efficient, and competitive. What I have noticed, though, is that starting with the right core product, will give some people an unfair advantage almost over their competition, understanding that they are beginning ahead of the rest of the pack.”